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Best Ways To Promote A Start-Up Business Online

So you’re setting up a new business and there’s so much to be thinking about, from premises, to staff, to equipment and vehicles. Also taxes and accountants, financial projections etc and most importantly of all promotion, which these days means in a large proportion online promotion.


This simple guide will give you a concise overview of some of the key methods to promote your business and get customers driven to your website and ultimately sales.

1] Website Creation

First step before promoting your website is to have a website to promote. This is clearly obvious but how you have it set up and by whom is a key decision that can affect your businesses chances of success.

It’s important to think about what type of business you are and therefore what the purpose of your website is. Do customers buy directly from it (more on this in the e-commerce section) get information, create an appointment.

This will direct the direction the design will take, you want to make sure they firstly get the info they need, be engaged to stay on the site and ultimately that as many of the visits as possible are converted into sales or inquiries.

You can design it yourself or use an online tool but it might be a good idea to find a website designer and be sure to make sure they are right for you and your business.

Do they understand what you want and need while making good suggestions when required, can you see examples of their previous work and if you do contact the website owners to ask how they were to work with.

2] Online E-Commerce Store

If you are a retail outfit or any business that sells products or services directly to the customer then having an eCommerce facility on your website is a must.

You will want a system that is easy to use and can be used to update products, inventory and prices easily, it’s best to have a quality system that can be installed as part of your website.

I’d recommend Magento 2 Agency Unity Online as you can handle lots of transactions, it’s secure and reliable and can be incorporated into your existing website and even use your current card payments provider.

3] Social Media

These days it’s essential to have a social media presence as it not only can drive traffic to your website but be a valuable promotional tool in it’s own right.

Social Media


The various platforms have certain advantages and disadvantages, for example, Facebook is good for customers to get info and what you offer, quite similar to a website in that regard.

Twitter is great for keeping people updated and making announcements and Instagram is perfect for everything visual, pictures and videos showcasing your work, services or products.

4] Use Real World Methods To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Don’t forget to promote your website and social media accounts via real world printed materials. Have your website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram addresses on your receipts, invoices, flyers and vehicle livery to drive customers attention to your online presence.

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