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The chances of car accidents and car failures are increasing rapidly with the increasing demand for cars. With the increasing number of car models, it is also difficult to get the exact spare part for a car. Since this issue is rapidly increasing day by day, there are numerous people who have managed to come out with a solution for this.

You can find numerous website which promises to provide people with the genuine spare parts for a car, but unfortunately, you will end up in the loss. So, in order to prevent the losses, we have, an online marketplace to buy and sell genuine car parts.

Boodmo.Com – Buy and Sell Car Parts

Boodmo.Com has started in the year 2015 and still it has made a great impact on the buyers. Yes, they are happy and satisfied with the products the company offers. If you own a car, then you must know that how much difficult is to get a genuine exact part of your car.

There are a number of things which come to play when you start to look for spare parts. The first thing to be considered is the car company, model year, exact model and exact variant of the car. All these things need to be considered before buying any spare part of the car.

There are so many cars that it becomes difficult to find the genuine spare parts. Thus, is a perfect solution as it provides an extensive catalog for all the cars with proper classification. In this way, it doesn’t only help the buyers finding the genuine car parts, but even help the mechanics about the same.

How to buy and be sure is an online e-commerce website for buying and selling genuine car parts. Since there are a lot of online websites which provides fake car parts, so it is really important to double check before buying or selling. With, you are safe because of its policies and for most of the car parts; you even get a return policy which is a great feature.

For purchasing any car part, you need to visit the website and select the car through the short form on the homepage. You would need to choose the company of your car, model year, a model of your car. All these things are necessary as after that only you’ll be able to see the spare parts which are specific to your car. Once that is done then you need to select the exact variant since many times different variants use different configuration parts.

After selecting everything about your car, you need to check that where the spare part fits in by selecting the option. For example, if you need the front hood then select the Body and then all parts which make the body will be shown. There you can choose the part you need.

If the part is a single piece then that is all but if it consists more parts then the further selection is also done. Once you select the required part then you are taken to that part’s purchasing page. There you can add that part to your cart and you can also select the seller you need.

At the end, you finalize the payment with the seller. Since is not the main seller so it’s easy for it to maintain the list of all genuine sellers and provide best spare parts.

How operates

As we have mentioned above that was started in the year 2015 and now, in 2016, the company accommodates around 20 employees. The main focus of the company is to provide the best and the genuine car spare parts and thus, they are more focused on gathering all information about the sellers rather than becoming one.

It does offer products from a number of sellers and thus, it is easy for people to buy the perfect spare car part. If a part is out of stock with one seller, then the part will be available from the other sellers.

Moreover, the company works on a commission basis. The sellers also have to treat the customers in a best possible way. Once the product is purchased, the deal doesn’t get over until the buyer receives the product. Once the product is delivered with the complete money transaction, then takes the commission. This is a way to keep an eye both on the seller as well as the buyer.

Benefit to sellers


The is an intermediate seller and thus all the sellers are the backbone of the company. They lay emphasis on reaching out to more and more people through advertisement and marketing techniques which ensure a lot of visitors. And thus, the sellers get a lot of chance for selling the products and that too at a specific spare car parts website. The sellers can always update the list of the spare parts which are available along with the specific offers. keeps on updating the catalog in order to provide the best to the buyers.

Since is an online e-commerce website and thus, it is bound to get more buyers as compared to physical or local business. In this way, the sellers also get a large volume of sales which makes them earn a huge profit. Finally, it also covers a feature under its policy of returns that no used product will be taken back which saves the sellers as well.

Verdict is trying to make a difference by providing people an online marketplace for buying and selling the genuine car parts. With the increasing demand for cars, will also get bigger. With it increasing customer base, its reputation among people is also increasing.

It often updates the catalog which is a good sign and covers all the cars too. So, if you are looking for a genuine part for your car, then is the place to search for it. 🙂

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