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How to Boost WiFi Signal Strength At your Home

Boosting your wifi signal and range at your home or office. These mostly everyone have wifi at their home but one problem which irritates them is Good Signal because if their would be less signal the speed will be decreased respectively according to range. Moreover these days their are so many routers available in the markets, some of them have very good range and some of them are not even able to range the signal strength even for one room properly. To resolve this issue below are the steps and tips which can be used to boost WiFi signal strength.

How to Boost WiFi Signal Network /Range / Speed

How to boost wifi signal at office

Improve WiFi signal

Tips for Improve Your Wifi Speed and Range

Keep Your Router At A Right Place

Keeping your router at a right place is very important as this helps in getting proper signal for device authentication. You should try to keep your router always in the center of your home rather than a corner because this will let the router broadcast signals properly and equally in your home.

Keep Your Router Up, Like Thumbs Up

You should try to keep your router in upward directions on any table or any stand. This will help you to get more signal strength because then signal waves can easily travel without having much disturbances hence it will increase the signal strength.

Keep Router Away From Electronics

If you have kept your router with some electronic item having a motor, you should change the placements now because it is indirectly a loss of signals of your router actually electronic items attracts the signals of wifi router towards them.

Point Your Router Antennas In Different Directions

If you’re having a router with antennas then you can change the direction of Antennas, one towards up and one towards left or right horizontally which will increase the signal strength of your router. Keeping antennas in two different directions would help you to have equal signal whether your phone is in Vertical or Horizontal (mostly while watching videos and playing games online.)

Measure Your Wifi Signal Strength

Whenever you think that your Router is not working properly then you can check your wifi signals which will help you to know where keeping your WiFi router lacks signal strength. Measuring your WiFi signal strength you can also find the right place to keep your router where you have a great signal and speed, the best places to find out is Center of your home and places around it.

Control Bandwidth Hogging Apps

Sometimes, even applications like video chatting, online talking / conversation, downloading torrent files using Bittorrent or Utorrent, or using netflix can also drop your wifi signal very badly. All such applications hog your network bandwidth and arise to a loss in your internet speed which respectively decreases the signal of your WiFi router.

To overcome from this type of situation you can use Quality of Service or QoS for short which is a great which provides the required bandwidth to the applications like Video Chat and online calling / conversation.

Secure Your WiFi Router With A Password

How to Secure Your WiFi Router

Secure Your WiFi Router

Having a lot of connection on a single WiFi router reduces its signal strength. These days you cannot trust anyone and provide them your WiFi password because you don’t know about his / her activities or what will he / she do with your WiFi. But rather than these there are some more ways to know your wifi password, yes people can easily hack your WiFi password and start using it but you can also check whether your wifi is being used by any other person or you can secure your wifi with a new password if you think that your router has been hacked.

How to secure your wifi connection

Use A WiFi Extender

If you’re having a router with a space to enter USB drive in it then you can easily increase the signal strength of your wifi router using any WiFi signal extender available in the market or you can also get one online by searching on google. But remember before selecting a WiFi Extender that your router is capable of adapting the signal strength and is able to read the WiFi Signal extender otherwise your money will be totally waste.


Above we have share our best tips regarding extend wifi speed, signal and range at home, if you have any more tips or question regarding same topic then feel free to share your tips below and we would add up them once verified that they are the working one. Atlast do not forget to share this post because sharing is caring.

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