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Do I Need a Dedicated Server for My WordPress Site?

Whether you’re setting up a new WordPress website or have been in the game for years, there’s always one aspect you have to consider: the hosting service for your online presence.

After all, a host is the main component behind the speed and reliability of your site and, well, the actual reason why your website can be uploaded and visited in the first place.

Dedicated hosting service

In your search for a host, you’ve probably come across the option of a dedicated server. Is it better than other choices such as shared, VPS and cloud-based hosting solutions? Is it ideal for WordPress hosting? Well, read on to find out.

1] What are dedicated servers?

Before breaking down the pros and cons, it’s important to understand what a dedicated server provides. First of all, the clue is in the name. Unlike options like VPS or shared hosting, dedicated servers are all for you to use. That means you’re not sharing resources with any website neighbors.

You have an empty server to utilize and stock up with whatever you desire. As you might expect, a dedicated server is also fully customizable, both from a hardware and software point of view, to fine-tune as you see fit.

Pack in as much RAM as you want, install the best security features, have enough space to host a series of videos. It’s all possible with dedicated servers.

2] You have optimal performance

Of course, the above statement depends on the host provider, but a dedicated server generally supplies the best performance compared to other solutions. This is due to having a full server dedicated to one website. This form of hosting doesn’t have to share its RAM or storage space.

What’s the result? Well, your website will be fast to load and use for your audience, which is one of the keys to retaining guests. It also should avoid any errors due to an overload of visitors or data. This is also something that that keeps users browsing your site.

3] As secure as Fort Knox

Well, close to it at least. As a dedicated server is on its own little island of sorts, it is more secure than hosting options where you’re sharing space with other websites.

You don’t have to fear what anyone else is doing with their site and what holes they’re leaving for potential DDoS attacks, which can harm you by proxy. In addition, you can install your own security facilities on an individual server.

4] The customizable cons

For reasons already mentioned, the customizable nature of a dedicated server delivers an ample collection of benefits. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. For instance, if you don’t possess any technical know how about computers and servers, you’re going to hit a roadblock early on in your customizing journey.

It’s imperative you have at least a solid understanding of these features. This type of hosting doesn’t typically have someone holding your hand through the setup.

Another thing to consider is the following: If you’re using WordPress, how much software customization do you require? Most of your tailoring will be on the actual WordPress platform, which is fully customizable regardless of the hosting solution.

5] Pricing issues

Pricing issues


Cost is one of the biggest deterrents revolving around using dedicated servers. The reason behind this is that typically, leasing a dedicated server is more expensive than other hosting options on the market.

Whilst you can rent an affordable shared host for under a hundred bucks for a full year in some places, this is usually the price you’ll be spending each month for your own server. As the saying goes, if you want quality, you need to pay for it. There’s no exception for a dedicated server.

Conclusion: Is it necessary?

The answer to this, ultimately, comes down to your website requirements. If you have a large site and require an extensive amount of RAM, storage space, CPU cores and other hardware features, a dedicated server is a suitable fit.

If you’re just starting a new WordPress website, however, it’s probably more appropriate to go with shared or VPS hosting. Then, if your site grows to the point where the added benefits of dedicated servers are needed, you can switch it up.

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