4 Ways High-Tech Innovator Uses Discount Codes to Increase Profits

This article teaches you how online retailers in the UK, like, are using discount codes to boost sales and improve user experience on their websites.

How to Use Discount Codes to Increase Sales

How to boost sales and grow profits with voucher codes

Gtech specializes in the design, manufacture and marketing of vacuum cleaners, high tech products, accessories and garden tools. The company sells its products through the website,, and the company’s Facebook page.

Offering discount coupons on your products can be an effective way to attract and retain customers. Coupon marketing is characterized as a guerrilla marketing technique that helps small enterprises gain market share.

However, giving customers huge discounts can have a negative impact on your business. Next, we will examine how Gtech coupon codes are used in sustaining customer loyalty and increasing sales.

1) Can coupon codes be used to measure return on investment?

Coupons can be used to monitor the effectiveness of a marketing channel. Gtech uses this approach by issuing different coupon codes for each advertisement outlet the company owns.These include social media pages and the weekly/monthly newsletters. By keeping track of the codes used in every purchase, Gtech’s marketing experts can trace the codes to the marketing campaign they came from.

The data generated through the process is crucial because it provides evidence on the most effective marketing campaign, and the poor ones. This information enables Gtech to concentrate their marketing efforts on the right marketing channels.

2) Using Gtech Discount Code program to reward loyal fans on Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media site and it is recommended for every retailer like Gtech to have a Facebook page as a means of staying in touch with their clients. Loyal Facebook customers should be one of the major targets for discounts and coupons.

This approach works well in strengthening the ties between customers and businesses. Gtech has adopted a culture of giving coupons to loyal Facebook fans who buy high tech products. For instance, Gtech give 10% off to Facebook fans who buy AirRam Cleaners, which is one of the company’s most preferred products.

3) Retaining existing customers through voucher codes

Offering voucher codes to current customers is a nice way of maintaining a relationship with them. For instance, your company can promise its customers a 10% off their next purchase. Even if your customers eventually don’t buy your offer, the offer alone assists in keeping your customers connected with you and gives them a feeling that the company cares about them.

4) Using discount vouchers to bring back lost customers

Using discount vouchers to bring back lost customers

When people buy products online, they often give personal information such as their email address. Some customers may start the buying process and then leave half way. These customers can be convinced to come back and complete their purchase by sending them emails reminding them about the products they left in the shopping cart.

Gtech may email a coupon code to customers who abandoned their shopping cart to entice them to come back and complete their purchase.

Nevertheless, just like other marketing approaches, the use of coupons becomes ineffective if overdone. Sending customers coupon offers and advertisement emails frequently, may make them unsubscribe from your email list. 🙂

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