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How to Fix Chromecast Not Working Issue

Chromecast is one of the best devices to make your television smarter. Chromecast can add a host of new features to your existing television. It is a small device which can enhance access to several entertainment portals like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos.

Fix Chromecast Not Working Issue

If you do not have a Chromecast, the above prospects surely would have tempted you to have one. People having Chromecast now are enjoying great content and true entertainment.

However, a few people complained about an error or an issue due to which the Chromecast just refused to connect with the television. This error can be frustrating and quick fix solution is the instant remedy is the need in the hour.

Why is your Chromecast not working?

There are two major reasons why the Chromecast may show an error. The first one is due to the device not working and the second is due to the Wi-Fi not connecting issue.

Both these issues have some simple solutions that will be discussed soon. In case these solutions are unable to solve your issue, you might well consider returning it to your vendor, as it might be defective.

Solution number 1- Starting with the basics

Starting with the basics, the first thing to do is to verify the wiring, whether all wires are connected properly especially with respect to the Chromecast. Verifying the power source for the Chromecast and resetting the same can help in rebooting the Chromecast and fixing the issue.

Solution number 2- Factory reset

This is the most common and instant solution to all electronic devices today. The biggest downfall is that you might lose all the apps installed, all the latest software updates, etc., which might ultimately cost you tonnes of data and a considerable amount of time to get it started.

But nonetheless, if it fixes the issue and frustration you are undergoing now, I am sure you won’t mind the trouble. The process to reset is simple. Just press the button next to the LED light for a few seconds, till the light blinks and the reset is complete.

Solution number 3- Resetting the router

Sometimes, the connection between the router and the Chromecast need to be established once again, which could be due to various reasons. Frequent reconnect between router and Chromecast, the addition of new devices depending on the router, change of frequencies, or plan upgrade, etc., can result in the need for resetting the router.

Press the reset button on the router for 30 seconds and go through the process of resetting the router one again. In the process make sure, the router is operating in 2.4 GHz frequency and not in 5 GHz frequency as Chromecast only supports 2.4 GHz frequency.

Solution number 4- Using Wi-Fi extender

Sometimes, when the Wi-Fi range is slightly far, there can be connectivity issues for the Chromecast. By using a Wi-Fi extender, this issue can be fixed easily.

A strong Wi-Fi signal base can be setup closer to the Chromecast enabling better content and faster access to the networks. This can certainly help minimize consistent network connecting issues, especially if the source router is situated at a larger distance.

Solution number 5- Troubleshooting

This solution should be used as a last resort, once you have tried and tested all the other alternatives. Try troubleshooting and let the software identify the potential causes for the problem and fix the same. If this does not yield the desired results, downgrade your Chromecast to the previous software version.

Keep downgrading for two or three older versions till you feel your Chromecast has started to yield the desired results. Buggy updates could be one of the potential reasons why Chromecast not working issue could pop up. To determine if the problem is persistent with a user account, try setting up another admin user account and verify if the problem persists.

If these 5 solutions are not the answers then what?

In 75% cases, the above 5 solutions should address the Chromecast not working issue. But if it still does not, there is two more alternatives or last resorts to address the issue. The first option is manually adjusting the firmware setting for your Chromecast. The second option is to download various third-party apps for.

  • Troubleshooting the Chromecast problems automatically with the help of diagnosis check.
  • By installing a casting software/app or program the connectivity between the Chromecast and Wi-Fi network can be enhanced.
  • Use of VPN third-party applications that allows you to connect to proxy servers. This way you can access a host of illegal content across the globe. VPN also allows you to enhance the capabilities of the Chromecast. This is very useful to minimize many connectivity issues.

What is needed to download third-party applications on the Chromecast?

Use of third-party applications in Chromecast not only solves many problems but also adds certain capabilities as well. So, it is important to understand how to access them via Chromecast. These third-party applications due to various rules and compliance issues are not listed on the Play Store or any other reputed app store.

These need to be downloaded as apk files to be accessed. A basic browser is necessary for downloading these third-party apps. Try and use the already existing browsers in the Chromecast to download and install some of the very useful third-party apps.

What if the issue persists?

If the issue persists, there can be two reasons. One, the router needs an upgrade or the Chromecast is faulty. You need to check for return options for your Chromecast or upgrade your router.

As per experts, this is the final solution to the problem if you still experience the same errors or difficulties. But as per reports, the above solutions have addressed 98% of the problems.

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