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How To Get the Word Out About Your New Dental Practice

The day has finally come where you go from apprentice to business owner and start your very own dental practice. While the prospect of serving your community is incredibly exciting, it quickly dawns on you that there are a multitude of issues to consider before opening to the general public.

Dental Practice

First and foremost is how to go about getting people in the door without wasting hard-earned funds on futile marketing efforts. It can be difficult to reach people with efficiency without the right mix of data and expertise. This is why you’re sure to benefit from partnering with a dental marketing agency with a stellar track record of satisfied clients.

They’ll have systems in place to perform market analysis to separate you from competitors and match your skills to the neighborhoods that would benefit from them the most. They can also determine the best communication strategies to reach and retain your ideal patients. Let’s take a look at four of these strategies below.

1] Newsletters

Learn from the industry leader Patient News-All businesses should take direct mail seriously. It’s been proven to not only reduce patient attrition, but increase referrals. The key is to interpret market data and optimize for content that adds value to your patients’ lives. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Include articles customized to your community and to your ideal patients that educate them about oral health and highlight your latest service offerings.
  • Showcase your community involvement that directly impacts residents, e.g. sponsorship of local sports teams, free dental clinics, open houses & patient appreciation events, etc.
  • Request positive reviews on all social media channels.
  • Provide patient surveys so you hear what patients want and need so that you can improve your unique value proposition – what sets you apart from your competition.
  • Direct your audience to your website and include immediate calls-to-action that drive calls to your practice.

2] Email Marketing

Because email is a daily staple for most of your patients, it’s an important medium to connect with them, ask for online reviews, and enhance their lives through practical tips to improve their oral health. That way, they’ll easily recall your name when their pearly whites need attention.

3] Reviews Management

When it comes to online reviews, it’s important to address concerns in a timely fashion with kindness and understanding. Your clients will feel like they’re being heard, and you’ll put your practice on a path of continual improvement by implementing their best suggestions.

Social proof is critical and your online presence is powerful. Commenting on every single review posted to Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. shows that you are engaged and that you care.

The Art of Spotting Fake or Unreliable Reviews.

4] Social Media

Social media represents a paradigm shift in how the world communicates and does business. It requires a concerted effort to maintain multiple accounts across major platforms and develop an entertaining presence, especially one primed to increase ROI and follower engagement on a consistent basis.

This is why you can benefit from a leading dental marketing company that will really come in handy to expertly guide you through this ever-evolving space. They’ll customize posts to your business according to the latest metrics while you tend to your patients and focus on building meaningful face-to-face relationships with them.


This is but a small sample of the benefits a robust marketing campaign will bring to your dental practice. Increase your market share, raise your competitive advantage, and make sure customers know your name before they need your services by harnessing the power of data analysis today.

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