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How to Fix Google Play Services Has Stopped Error Message

Does the error message displaying “Google play services has stopped working” keep disturbing you every now and then? Does it hinder your work very often and you are looking for a solution but is bothered by your inability to deal with technicalities? If your answer to all the above questions is a “yes”, then you are in the right place.

Ways to Fix the "Google Play Services Has Stopped" Error

Here we have come up with some easy methods to combat your problem without indulging into much in-depth technical aspects related to the Android software.

Why does this message pop up?

There are various reasons behind such a hindrance in Google play services but one of the most common and basic reasons behind these messages is the open source nature of the Android operating system.

Although the Android system is designed to incorporate various apps within it and provides wide freedom of usage even to its nontechnical users this sometimes causes the system to crash down due to excess loads, bugs, etc.

However, there is a benefit of open source nature of Android OS also and that is, it does not require much technical and programming knowledge to tackle this issue, all you need is to be smart and attentive while dealing with them.

Why is it important to tackle this popping error messages?

It is quite important to overcome this problem because whenever such a message is displayed, all the working of your computer system stops abruptly. Also, all the apps that are supported by this operating systems stop running.

Moreover, it often causes the system to lose some of your valuable data which can be dangerous for you. The loss of data is due to the fact that such a message display is not actually due to any error occurrence rather it is the failure of the Operating system to combat various usages at a time.

However, the good news for you is that this problem can be solved by you and there is no need to panic if you resolve it before any losses incurred.

How to tackle the error message “Google play services have stopped working”?

There are many ways and methods in which this problem can be overcome. Some such easy and yet effective methods are mentioned below which are tried and tested and can be practiced by an amateur.

Here are 5 simple and productive methods to help you out with this issue!

Update your app of Google play services:

This is one of the most common ways of fixing your device. If the message of services being stopped is displayed repeatedly then you must update the apps of the system.

All you need to do is to click on ‘my apps’ tab and then choose the option of ‘update all’ and on doing this all the uninstalled updates of your device will be installed. Then you simply reboot and your system and the problem is fixed.

How to Update Google Play Services

If you wish to skip so many steps, then you can simply keep your Google play services app on auto update mode by simply going in the ‘settings’ bar and clicking on the option of ‘ auto update’.

This will automatically install all the updates and thus save your time and efforts apart from keeping your device free from junk and up to date.

Try out rebooting your device:

This is often the first thing that every single person tries when any problem in the working of a device of app occurs. Many times it proves to be very effective and can solve your problem in just a time of a blink.

To reboot your device, just click on the power button and keep it pressed until a menu of options appears on the screen. From these options choose the ‘reboot’ option and wait for the system to heal.

Once the reboot process is completed, restart to check if the problem is fixed or not and if not then need not worry! You have more options to try.

Clearing cache memory can be of great help too:

Google play services are a mixture of Google apps that often deviate from their initial state due to the cache memory. Hence, clearing the cache memory can be quite helpful in setting the Google Services app to its initial unhindered state.

Clear The Google Play Store Cache

To clear cache, you must go to the settings tab, and then choose the apps option. On clicking this apps option, you will find a tab named applications manager, click on it and choose the Google play services from the drop-down list.

Then all you have to do is to click on the clear cache option and reboot the android device to check if your problem is fixed.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Play services app updates:

When none of the above options seen to be effective, you can try this step out. It seems to be hectic but it is not so in reality.

To remove the app updates, you must click on the settings tab and then choose the apps tab from where you have to choose the application manager.

A drop-down list will appear and from this list, you have to choose the Google play services option and then click on the option of ‘uninstall the app updates’.

To again installing the updates, you must visit the app info window from where you can choose the option of app info. From here choose the tab of ‘Google play services app’ and press the update button. Hence your job is done. Check if the message has stopped popping up.

Try deleting and adding your Google account:

Add or remove an account on Android

This is the last thing you can try. All you have to do is to go to the settings options and click on the Apps option. Then choose your Google account and select the option of remove account.

After this again go to settings < account and click on the add account button, then choose the google play services and your account will be added again.

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