How Much You Can Earn on Live Gaming

Live streaming your gameplay is slowly becoming one of the simplest and most exciting ways of making money. You get to make considerable amounts of cash by playing your favorite video games for fun. What exactly is live gaming or live streaming?

Make Money Playing Video Games

This is the act of broadcasting yourself to an audience when playing video games. You do not have to be a gaming celebrity to make money from live gaming.

All you should do is create a live streaming channel, stream your normal gameplay and employ some social skills to attract more viewers.

Two popular avenues are commonly used to practice it. They include Twitch and YouTube Gaming Channels. Others such as Facebook and Azubu are also picking up.

Live gaming is quite similar to playing live dealer games. In live dealer casino gaming, the gameplay is streamed from professional studios or land-based casinos. Bettors are then able to gamble against dealers just as they did in brick and mortar casinos.

The communication between the two is through a chat and the player follows every piece of the action from the comfort of their homes. Check here: for more info about these intriguing games.

Live streaming, on the other hand, enables you to play your video games for fun and make money in the process. The amount of money you make will depend on the nature of your channel. You should just play an intriguing game casually and try to keep your followers.

Do not forget to give your subscribers shout-outs from time to time to appreciate their loyalty. Maintaining a great social relationship with your viewers will definitely keep them coming.

In the beginning, you may make a conservative amount of just $1 or even none at all. The money increases as your viewers increase. Hence, you have to be consistently entertaining in order to increase your subscribers. Some top live streamers make as much as $50,000 in a day because of their gaming prowess and sociability.

How do you earn a living through live gaming? People worldwide ask this common question and you must have been asking the same since the beginning of this article. Continue reading to find out:


You can make whooping amounts of cash from ads if you have a large following. Both Twitch and YouTube Gaming Channels enable you to run ads and make money from them.

Amazingly, you get to choose when the ads will appear. You should place them at the end of your game-plays to avoid annoying pauses in between that can cost you some viewers. The money you make from advertisements depends on the number of subscribers you have.


Live gaming can also earn you cash through donations. Contrary to the ads, the amount of money you make in form of donations depends on the loyalty of your viewers.

Live gaming donation

You are likely to attract high-value donations if you run a fun and interesting channel. A player has ever made over $50,000 from a single donation, and this shows that they can be quite profitable.


Subscriptions are a major source of income for live streamers. However, this feature is activated when you reach certain levels of popularity. You should certainly reap big from them when they are finally availed on your video stream.

Viewers can pay for subscriptions to get access to your past broadcasts, access to high-quality streaming, access to exclusive chats, and for custom emoticons. The money you get from these subscriptions is often shared with the live gaming platform like Twitch.

These are the ways of making money from live gaming. However, it is challenging to earn a living from this practice. Actually, the amount of work you are required to put in makes it more hectic than fun. You might even end up hating your favorite video games because you will have to play them too often.

It is also difficult to get many viewers because of a large number of gamers available. The industry is slowly becoming flooded, but you will always make significant amounts of cash if you can stand out.

Live gaming is a lucrative field that can enable you to make money by simply playing your favorite video game. It is such an exciting way of earning a living. Try it today and see how much you can make.

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