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Web Design and The Crucial Need for Good Photographs – Don’t Underestimate Photos!

There are many who underestimate the vitality of choosing the right photographs while designing their new website. Your site’s content is not only limited to words but you should remember that people are also visual creatures for whom HDR photography plays a very important role in creating best user-experience for visitors.

It is needless to say that photographs surround us everywhere, we see them on magazines, television, books, calendars and every other place.

Web Designers Guide to Select Photos

Web design and the crucial need for good photographs

Therefore, the necessity of good photographs in web design is usually imperative. When there is a wonderful HDR photo in each of your webpages, this will definitely bring in a visitor and force him to stay longer on your site.

Therefore, great quality images are a prerequisite for your website as it highlights your professionalism and enhances the entire look of your site. The concerns of this post will tell you about the ways you can get new images for your site.

Stock photographs vs. photo shoot

There are several stock photography websites which have millions of pictures to choose from and all of them are available at a comparatively low cost. Such websites tell you about how to take hdr photos and what hdr photography is.

These can be a good option when you’re on a tight budget, when you need general photographs and when you’re on a short timeline. But the biggest problem of using stock photographs is that there could be several others who could be using the same photos as you. In case the people who visit your website have seen the same image elsewhere before, they may think negatively about you.

Yet another problem associated with stock photography is that the online users may spot the photos very easily. While there are many good stock photos out there on the web, there are many bad ones as well. Hence, you should make sure that there’s no lack of authenticity as that could shake levels of trust. For that you may take these steps:

  • Choose the less famous images which are used in very few spots. You may use the websites which aren’t too much used but which have good stock photos.
  • You may also choose to customize them through different editing software like HDR software which is available with Mac. Adding photo filters, creating the HDR effect, cropping, and layering as all these can take stock photography to a step ahead.

Custom directed photo shoot

If you think your site may need a specific kind of photography, you should remember that custom photos will always elevate the experience of the visitor on your site and help in building trust which later on leads on higher leads.

Custom directed photo shoot

When you hire a professional photographer, this may cost you more but the best thing that you should ensure is that the photos represent your brand. You shouldn’t only focus on the right content to photograph but also the composition, lighting, exposure bracketing and everything else.

You can even take photos on your own and caption them so as to bring out the actual meaning and essence of the picture.

Before choosing the kind of photography you want for your website, always consider the budget, goals and timeline. Both stock photography and custom photography are good for different types of people. Hence you have to choose which option you want to opt. 🙂

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  • Hey Harshil,

    Images have the potential to make or break a site’s effectiveness. size, composition, quality and exposure are four important things to look for in a good image. People actually look for quality in images, even the contrast makes a huge difference. If the picture creates excitement or interest, then it works.

    Now-a-days, stock image websites are abundant for perfect match image for your website and it also reduces cost of money regarding images budgets. Stock images are really looks very beneficial for our business. It is good place to collect appropriate images for advertisement or any needs. With the help of picture you have tried to make us understand about subject it is really genius. Eventually, thanks for sharing your thought with us.

    With best wishes,
    Amar kumar