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How The Coronavirus Affected Human Communication

Social distancing, which, perhaps, everywhere in the world is forced to resort to because of the coronavirus, forces people to invent new ways both in relationships and in their search.

Therefore, some couples get married online, other lovers, due to circumstances, cannot meet at all, and singles without a couple kill time at home, looking for partners on dating sites.

Coronavirus Affected Human Communication

The coronavirus physically separates us from each other, but this does not mean at all that love and passion have disappeared from our horizon, just in the midst of a crisis directly related to human health, they take other forms.

The life of single women in Arlington has fallen on especially hard times. The government’s urge to stay at home is in no way combined with the desire to go on a date with a potential partner.

The need for self-isolation at home first causes shock, but gradually life begins to improve and the usual activities return to it. True, in a slightly modified form.

Office work is now remote, and homework, on the contrary, is always at hand. Households are always there, and colleagues are only in messengers. But how to be quarantined for those whose beloved do not live with them under the same roof?

Dating at the quarantine-distance

Those who met on the sites continue to do so. But almost no one dares to make personal dates with new acquaintances. As a rule, one date is enough to understand that you are definitely not on your way with this person.

But now few people decide on personal meetings, although some desperate ones offer them. It turns out that the correspondence with those with whom you did not have time to see in person is forced to drag on.

This is not encouraging, as it takes a lot of time and leads to some unnecessary communicating. Quarantined people spend most of their time on the Internet and start bombarding each other with all kinds of spam.

Desperate attempts by individual daredevils to meet during the period of self-isolation have already received the «quarantine-distance rendezvous» nickname on the web.

Those who have gone through this test admit that it would be better not to do it at all. Those who have had lovers abroad continue to have online-communications. But now all the chats are by video link.

Problems with online dating

The longer a relationship «hangs» on the internet, the less chance they have to become a reality. A person who is content with correspondence, and even more so asks his counterpart for candid photos, as a rule, does not expect anything else, just kills time and has fun.

But in quarantine, when even people tuned in to real relationships do not have the opportunity to meet here or there, the situation is changing. For those, who does not yet live with their beloved under the same roof, it is important to carry their feelings through a period of self-isolation, to pass the quarantine test with honor.

Self-isolation is also a good time to get to know your counterpart better. Therefore, it is advised to take the opportunity and in emails and video chats to discuss not the essential, but the eternal – books, films, art. Nowadays, all people have enough time to read and watch good films.

And you can understand a lot by what your quarantined partner is doing. One, for example, will hang out all day watching the social networks, collecting and sending low-quality network hype, while the other will prefer a virtual walk through the museums all around the world.

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