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When It Comes to Wealth Creation, Improvisation Is Key!

Whether you’re failing or succeeding, there’s always room for improvement.

In life and in everything that makes it up, improvisation is a significant key to maximize satisfaction and see better results. And so is the case with wealth creation. While you may have invested your money in a few places already, but that doesn’t mean that your role is over.

Wealth Creation


Like a captain of the ship is charged with steering it in whatever direction he desires to, similarly, you’re in charge of building your wealth the way you want to. Therefore, if you are not earning good returns on your investments or want to maximize your returns further, then probably it’s time for improving your investment portfolio.

The financial market is constantly in a state of flux, which makes it risky and volatile. The reason behind this is factors such as recession, change in the political scenario, natural disasters, and change in interest rates which together influence it. Based on these factors, the prices of shares and other funds fluctuate and expose you to risk of losses.

In comparison, there are certain sources of funds where this risk is much less, like debt sources. So, depending on what your risk appetite is and what financial goals you have, you can assess your portfolio and shift your funds from one instrument to another.

How to Improve Your Investment Portfolio?

If you face this question,“where to invest money in India for maximum returns?” then we suggest that you keep these two points in mind while selecting investments.

1] Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Diversification is one way to improvise your returns and reduce your risk exposure. It refers to the practice of spreading your investments in various funds so that your risk exposure to any one asset is limited.

If you are a conservative investor and invest all your funds in safe funds, then you may face little risk, but your returns may increase at a plodding pace. On the flip side, if you invest in all aggressive sources, then it may fetch you high returns, but may leave you too vulnerable to market fluctuations.

Therefore, put your funds in a mix of various instruments, so that risk is mitigated, and returns are maximized. You can invest some of your money in stocks, while a little bit in policies like term plan, health cover, and Unit Linked Insurance Plan. A combination of such plans will keep you secure financially (through life cover) and will help you multiply funds also.

2] Choose Flexible Investment Options

To improve your portfolio, and to gain better results, you can also switch from one source of fund to another. For instance, if your debt funds aren’t bringing you good results, you may shift to equity funds after some time. However, for this flexibility, you must choose your investment sources mindfully.

A ULIP plan, for example, is one such source that offers you the option to invest your money in different funds, while also allowing you to switch later on for a certain number of times. Therefore, you should go for sources where you don’t feel like your money is stuck for eternity.

Also, flexibility would mean that after the lock-in periods, your instrument should also offer you the opportunity to withdraw money for emergencies. Reputable insurers like Max Life Insurance offer ULIP plans that provide you two free partial withdrawals in a year. Moreover, it also provides you 12 free switches in a year.

Where to Invest Money in India For Maximum Returns?

1] Unit Linked Investment Plan (ULIP)

An insurance plus investment plan, ULIP offers you long term impressive gains. So, if you keep your money invested in ULIP for a good number of years, then your charges towards the plan reduce and your gains increase.

After a certain number of years, you also get guaranteed loyalty benefits, which further adds to your gains. Moreover, this plan also offers tax benefits under Sec 80C subject to conditions.

2] Mutual Funds

Under this instrument, funds collected from different investors are invested in a company’s bonds or shares and are managed by a professional fund manager. If you go for equity funds, then you can probably go for index funds, which are comparatively safe and more rewarding.

However, in debt funds, gilt funds seem most reliable (but don’t forget the fact that mutual funds are subjected to market risks).

3] Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Another fund preferred by investors is the Public Provident Fund, which is a government offered saving scheme.It invests your money for a fixed period and earns you returns on your savings. Safe and accessible, this too can be an excellent investment to include in your portfolio.

So, now you know why improvisation is essential and where to invest money in India for maximum returns. Therefore, keep assessing your returns and continue improving. This approach will enable you to achieve all your financial and other life goals. Happy investing!

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