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How to Be Successful On Instagram In 5 Steps

Marketing is the new hot topic in digital media today. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the new platforms for people to market themselves and their brands. However, being successful on Instagram doesn’t necessarily correlate with you being Instagram famous.

Yes, 800 million people are regular users of Instagram but being an Instagram success story is very much possible. You’ll be required to put in a whole lot of work and effort but it’s all worth it.

How to Be Successful on Instagram

Instagram is not just limited to your follower count. Instead, actual Instagram success stories are rooted in user engagement and creative content. It’s okay to be overwhelmed for generating a successful marketing strategy is not easy. However, careful planning will take you far.

Therefore, if you are ready to be an Instagram success follow, the 5 steps listed below to boost your audience account.

Step 1: Plan 

Remember that time back in school when your teacher would make you pan out every essay you wrote? Well, it’s time to bring back those planning skills. If you’re familiar with Instagram you already know that posting a few videos and pictures isn’t enough. What you need to do is to build a content strategy.

Research the posts and influencers in your niche and study their trends and habits. It’s better that you build your content around a certain theme. Smm Panel help to gain followers By planning out the strategy, you’ll get clarity in terms of what you plan on promoting or doing. Moreover, taking advantage of scheduled posts can also play in your favor.

Just don’t forget your style and don’t be afraid to stand out.

Step 2: Utilize the Hashtags 

Hashtags are a very important tool that can increase your audience. Therefore, you must make good use of them. However, there is a fine line between resourceful and promotional. Honestly, no one wants to follow a person who talks about brand promotions all the time.

In fact, studies have reported that people tend to unfollow those accounts that include a lot of promotional hashtags. What you can do it here is to use a branded hashtag.

This hashtag will work as the mode of interaction between you and your audience exclusively. Additionally, making use of the Instagram hashtag analytics will provide you better insight regarding promotions.

Step 3: Engage 

Instagram allows users to engage with the audience more as compared to other social networks. Features such as Instagram stories and live videos can help you in engaging with your audience much better.

You can use Instagram stories to update your followers about the daily mundane aspects of your life. This makes the user feel they’re connected with you. Thus, making your relationship as a user and a content creator better.

Moreover, the Instagram live option can also help in gaining more engagement and followers, or you can head over to Socialninja. Just make sure that you let your followers know when you are coming live and use the correct hashtags to promote it.

You can do Q/A streams or just your daily face routines or a weekly log. And you can make good use of the stories and lives by using the highlight feature.

Step 4: Make Connections

Engaging with your followers is important but it is equally important that you make connections with fellow Instagram influencers. Brands often collaborate with users to promote their content. As an influencer, it can help you earn money and followers.

How do you get these connections and collaborations? through connections. That’s why it’s important for you to make connections with other influencers as it will help you gain more exposure. When starting a connection make sure the person you are collaborating with is related to what you’re promoting or doing on Instagram.

You can also throw your friends into this mix of increasing your connections.

Step 5: Don’t Forget the Bio 

Last but definitely not least, your Instagram bio makes a big difference. Therefore, take time out to perfect it and make it amazing. Your bio is the first thing the audience will see. Therefore, it should be precise but able to tell your audience who are you, what are you doing here, and why should they follow you.

Having a good, attractive, and well thought out bio is mandatory to become an Instagram success. You can also add some clickable links to your website or product website if you’re a seller. These links prove to be quite beneficial as they direct traffic through your Instagram page.


And that’s all. These are the top five steps you can take to be successful on Instagram. It’s not going to be overnight it’s not impossible. Engage with your followers, post good content, make organic growth and you’ll be successful on Instagram. You can check out the Mercury News article to find out the best websites for buying Instagram followers.

Just remember to never be afraid of experimenting and going out of your comfort zone. Best of Luck!

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