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How to Build a Strong Brand On YouTube

YouTube has come a long way since its creation in 2005. Today, it is more than just a place where you post the latest shenanigans of your cat, Mittens.

It is a worldwide social network that suits perfectly companies and startups that want to develop their brands. You can still boast about Mittens’ funny antics, but now you can get some money out of it.

How to Build a Business Brand With YouTube

How To Build A Strong YouTube Brand


Whether you are promoting a new business or trying to monetize a personal hobby you will need to raise brand awareness. Here are a few tips on how to build a strong, recognizable name for yourself on YouTube!

1] Create an original style

Before you begin your journey to becoming one of the most-known brands on YouTube you need to understand the platform. The second biggest social media network in the world attracts more than 1 billion unique visitors every month.

These people spend on average 40 minutes devouring content, which is 5 minutes more than they spend on Facebook, and 39 minutes more than they spend reading tweets.

If you want to create a huge brand, you will need to get people behind your project. A great way of attracting the attention of YouTube users is to be original. It is easier said than done, but not impossible.

Even if you discuss a topic that has been deliberated a million times before, you can still make it relevant if you look at it from a fresh, new perspective. Invest time in coming up with an original style and it will steadily develop into a landmark for your brand.

2] Use consistency in everything you do

Now that you have come up with a unique style, you need to be consistent about it. Most users get attached to a brand and decide to subscribe to its YouTube channel when they trust it enough. You can reach that level of brand-user credence if you maintain the same.

  • Themes
  • Design layouts
  • Characters
  • Thumbnail designs.
  • Content quality.

These details vary in importance according to the purpose of your channel and what you are trying to promote through your brand. Working with experts like the people at will make the process easier and help you hit the ground running.

3] Post regularly

Another aspect that should always be consistent about is your posting schedule. As you develop a name on the network you will also see a loyal following increasing by the day.

Post regularly

These people will regularly check your channel for new uploads. If you do not use consistency in creating and uploading high-quality content, you might lose them and see the strength of your brand fading away.

There is over 400 hours’ worth of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. You need to make sure that you get your fans’ attention by posting regularly without diminishing the quality of your content. People will trust your brand and consider it relevant for your niche for as long as you are a common presence in their daily feed.

4] Engage with your viewers

Whether you grow your fan-base organically or you decide to buy YouTube subscribers, you need to pay attention to your followers’ requests. Read the comments section regularly and use their feedback to improve your content.

Neutral viewers may find your brand more appealing if they know that you listen to their suggestions. It makes them feel like they are part of something big and important.

Do not forget to engage with your viewers. Ask them what they want to see next on your channel. Create polls and discussions that may attract users from other channels as well.

Last, but not least, always ask them to subscribe and share your clips with their friends. This way, you will reach audiences from other social media networks.

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