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How to Develop an Attractive Home Page – Few Useful Tips

Homepage is the entry point consisting of a content list or index for users to see the requested information on a website. It also shares links to other sites comprising a set of web pages that furnishes the relevant subject matter.

Develop an Attractive Home Page

Let us now understand the tips that can be used to create an attractive home page. G Squared web design case studies reveal that site visitors feel the following considerations are essential for experiencing an appealing home page.

1] Organizing Content

Any visitor to a home page must be provided with a neatly organized structure. It is essential to decide the topics once the landing page appears. Only then it is easy for the user to get an overview of the website and will create an interest to explore further. The message must be concise with headlines and topics.

2] Keep it Short and Simple

The content must be crisp and clear. Hence it is advisable to avoid any jargons or flowery language that will be difficult for the user to understand.

3] Layout & Color

It is critical to choose colors that are appealing and blending with the home page. The colors used resonate with different emotions and can create diverse reactions. Therefore, bright color attracts the user and creates a natural form of communication.

You must be careful about the choice of colors and ensure it is not generating any distraction or dominating the content. The right balance must be kept in mind during the design process.

4] Images & Graphics

A picture is worth more than thousand words. Professionally captured photos is visually captivating. Less of content and more of images creates a lasting impression on the mind of the user. You must use original photos or obtain the required permissions to prevent any copyright violations.

5] Usability

An effective usability design helps the user in many ways. A few pointers to be checked to meet this expectation are as follows:

  • The goals of the website must be clear and informed courteously.
  • A straightforward menu facilitates to fix the priority and sequencing of the web pages.
  • A help desk application by furnishing the contact details or by a live chat provision.
  • An online help documentation with a frequently asked question section.
  • Ease of reading by designing an effective page layout.

6] Consistency

A predictable design permits the user to concentrate on the message. The main topics and above-the-fold section must be able to convey the content with primary significance.

The remaining area of the webpage must be composed in a way that a visitor can scan and get to know what is in store in the subsequent pages. Conflicting and misleading information must be avoided that will create a wrong impression with the users.

7] Audio-visuals

A professional video with a powerful script can produce a profound impact on the user. A two to three-minute footage with a crisp storyline can easily connect with visitors.

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