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How to Generate E-Commerce Sales From Instagram

For e-commerce tycoons, Instagram is considered an effective platform that provides lots of margin for conversion and marketing. It might be possible that if e-commerce store owners play the game right, their stores can turn into income machines.

In 2019, Instagram e-commerce is, no doubt, a way to spice up the things. You need only to implement a clever Instagram marketing plan that can let you scale your online store meaningfully.

How to Generate E-Commerce Sales

Instagram has been a long way since Facebook bought it in the spring of 2012. This photo-sharing app had 50 million active users every month. Now, Instagram has crossed a monstrous billion active users per month.

How does Instagram Work for Your E-Commerce Business? 

  • It includes high-quality as well as artistic images of products that seem better and more appealing than common photos.
  • And It allows the users quick mobile access to online shopping for your products.
  • It entices a great number of audiences, helps recover brand positioning, expands your reach, and augments engagement.

Currently, brands are no longer dependent on Facebook alone to promote their products and services. Not only this, but brands are integrating Instagram into their social media marketing campaigns to get their business and marketing goals.

1] Switch to Business Account 

Business profiles are preferred more than personal accounts, especially when it comes to boosting your business. You need to switch your personal account into a business account. It is the first step to start marketing on Instagram.

With this feature, your profile will look more professional and allows you to pull your contact information from Facebook at the time of retaining shoppable links of Instagram.

It also provides information on the number of clicks and impressions on your posts on a weekly basis. You can easily convert your personal Instagram account to a business account. For this, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to your account settings and click on the option to “Switch to Business Profile.”
  • Within the app, log in to your Facebook account and make sure you have the admin rights of that Facebook page. You need to confirm while selecting the Facebook page you want to connect your business page with.
  • After selecting the Facebook page, you need to share at least one contact information for your business page on Instagram. It can be an email address or a customer service phone number.

E-Commerce Sales from Instagram

2] Use Tools for Selling 

On Instagram, you can use three effective tools to make sales on Instagram.

1) Making a Clickable Storefront

With selling software tools, selling will be more convenient as a brand that alters the sole link into a clickable storefront that displays all of your products. A shopper can visit a store and use the “buy now” button to make shopping easier.

2) Hashtag Selling 

By using hashtags, you can sell products on Instagram. It is another effective way to give a boost to your brand. With your posts, you can add hashtags along with a clickable link. In this way, your sales will get higher.

3] Showcase Your Customers by Posting User-Generated Content 

Motivate users to make content for you. Ask users to share photos of products they bought from your store. Later on, reach out for permission to post the images on your account. In this way, other users may get encouraged to buy from you. This referral marketing technique can impact positive effects on your sales.

Online portals based on fashion are trying to implement this strategy in their social media campaigns as a tool for the promotion of their business.

4] Use Hashtag Research to Boost Reach 

Posting nice photos on Instagram is not enough, mainly when your purpose is marketing on Instagram. Relevant hashtags support every image, and it helps Instagram catalog several kinds of photos and products.

Using appropriate hashtags will make your products seen by a larger group of users, and more precisely, your targeted audience. Apart from that, using inappropriate hashtags can have a negative impact on your plan of action.

To Sum Up 

So, it is up to you what marketing strategy you prefer working with. Instagram does not need a huge budget. You can easily boost the sale on Instagram e-commerce.

Instagrammers enjoy shopping, so make something extra special. Also, measure your performance every week. You should have enough data on the sales you have generated from Instagram.

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