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What Did We All Do Before YouTube? [Infographic]

What was life like before we could simply sit and watch hours of cute kittens falling over, puppies barking at themselves in the mirror, soldiers returning home to their families or dumb kids skateboarding off their roofs? Whether a professional video or just a homemade film, Youtube videos can be incredibly amusing and it is easy to spend a long time watching video after video on a youtube downloader. After a hard day’s work it is indeed quite relaxing to gaze upon some videos from the YouTube. Especially the popular videos that are on display really catches our minds.

Do Before YouTube

YouTube is really a major player when it comes to online entertainment, but it wasn’t always that way. How did we used to entertain our bored selves on the internet before YouTube was founded in 2005? It’s hard to even imagine a world without YouTube as it has become such a part of our lives! Some of us really do not remember how we used to spend those days even though we have all pretty much lived those lives. In those days, say near about nine years before, many of us had internet connection but during that time only few people had hi- speed connections. It actually meant that in most of the cases the YouTube videos used to take sufficient amount of time to load and in many of the cases the videos did not used to load at all for majority of the Internet Users of those times. With the advancement in years and times many things have changed. Majority of the internet users have high speed internet these days and loading the YouTube videos do not seem to be a factor at all these days. We all enjoy the popular YouTube videos in our free times or at any moment when we are free. The YouTube videos serve as the best form of entertainment these days.

Before YouTube [Infographic]

This interesting Infographic reveals the history of entertainment on the web, from the very first CD ROMS such as the SIMs and SIM City to websites like Ebaum’s World and AlbinoBlackSheep. Do you remember logging into your Myspace Profile, or tuning in to see if there was a new episode of Homestar Runner?

Check out this interesting infographic so that you can see how our online viewing options have evolved over the years and what we used to watch online before YouTube came on the scene.

YouTube Infographic

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