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How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube Organically?

Getting more subs on YouTube is a primary concern of many bloggers because this is the most important resource for gaining influence on this platform. Without an active and responsive audience, even the channel with the best content will slowly die out.

Ways to Get More Subscribers On YouTube

How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube

The quality and quantity of subscribers are having a massive impact on ranking algorithms. So no surprise that you, as a beginner, may think that including the purchase of cheap YouTube subs will do miracles with your strategy results. But buying stats is never a proper substitution for the audience that discovered your content, and purchases can only serve as assistance in attracting organic users.

So, what should you do to increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel? In this article are gathered the most effective and valuable tips that will help you to fulfill this task.

Stick To The Topic

As the competition on YouTube grows, it is essential to create authentic content that is dedicated to a particular theme. In addition, an accurate and distinct topic range will attract more people because they are tired of general lifestyle blogs.

By trying to win the attention of a bigger audience, many modern influencers are widening their content, and as a result, their blogs are about everything and, at the same time, about nothing. Sticking to a limited content range will make you look more professional and passionate. Hence, users will respect you and appreciate your work.

Pay Attention To The Quality Before Quantity

This is a must-do rule if you want to increase the organic flow of your subs. Providing your followers with high-quality, trustworthy content is what makes you more popular among users and builds a strong community that secures constant growth. Thinking that users require many videos all the time is wrong.

If you are not sure you can provide worthy content as often as top creators in your niche, that is ok. Your viewers will understand that you work on improving your performance and don’t want to feed them with informational junk.

Work Out Technicalities

If there is any possibility to, you should invest in better gear. As the number of creators grows, users are more demanding of the quality of the video and sound that they consume. An excellent way to earn the audience’s attention is to provide videos of the same quality as videos of top influencers.

Mostly, modern YouTubers use DSLR cameras. They aren’t as expensive as specific filming gear and have many additional devices that enhance your performance, like microphones and tripods. Besides, better equipment gives you more options for editing and montage.

Create A Channel Trailer

One of the methods for attracting people to your channel is to make a trailer. This video is placed on the main page of your profile, and it has to depict what your channel is about. In the trailer, you have to explain to your viewers why they actually want to subscribe to your channel.

  • Show the most entertaining moments from your popular videos.
  • Shoot a special greeting to connect with the potential followers.
  • Do not try to “sell” your content. Aim for a gentle yet engaging acquaintance.

Communicate A Lot

Another clue to crack the issue of gaining more subscribers is to retain the audience you have already conquered. Leaving your current subscribers unattended is leading to the loss of interest in your content.

Users like seeing active communication between creators and their viewers. Nurtured community is what motivates occasional visitors to join.

Besides, being open and proactive with your followers is what helps you to enhance your performance and see how people feel about your content. YouTube comments are a golden mine for collecting feedback and understanding the needs of your viewers.

Remind Your Viewers To Subscribe

To increase the number of followers in your channel, ask them to subscribe. For example, a simple mention as you speak in your video can motivate users to follow you. Put the subscription button within your video or on the end screen to make access to your content easier for interested viewers.

Asking your viewers to subscribe is not a method based on pitying. This way, you remind people that you make valuable content and need the motivation to continue creating new videos. Think of such a method as it is a unique CTA.

Make Series Of Content

To motivate occasional viewers to subscribe, you should maintain the interest of the public. Categorized content that is updated gradually is a good hook of attention. Leave cliffhangers and announce new episodes of your content, creating a little hype around them.

Remember that quality is over quantity, so make sure that your schedule is sufficient for producing top-notch videos. Again, people would rather wait a little more to see a more remarkable result. Categorizing content is also a way to organize your planning and examine the performance.

Monitor Your Competition

To understand what are the aspects that are the most interesting to users, look through popular influencers from your niche. By exploring other channels, you will detect the audience’s preferences and see what tactics are working better. Try to notice what are the features that define the success of a particular blogger.

But never use such knowledge for any plagiarism or idea theft. Instead, use the information you found for inspiration and guidance in creating your style and unique feature for your content.

Sometimes comparing your work with others can be destructive, but remember to set the right goals and keep in mind why you are doing this. Growing a channel on YouTube is not a race.

Make Plans And Work By Schedule

For successful growth on YouTube, you have to organize your activity. Creating and uploading content according to a schedule helps you to maintain a consistent online presence. And that’s what users like. They want to be sure about the time they see new videos from their favorite channels.

By attaching your uploads to specific anchors, like every Tuesday or Friday, you will secure more views and more subscribers. When people see that your channel is updated regularly and often, it motivates them to follow you because they want to receive new content consistently.

Add Personal Flair

Social networks are the place for people to communicate. YouTube isn’t exclusion from this statement. On social platforms, people want to see other people, which is why personal blogs have become so popular in the first place. Hence, make your channel a reflection of your personality.

Only you decide how much of your persona you want to reveal. Sometimes a total mystery is a good attention hook as well. But through a personalized approach to creating videos, you can bond with your viewers and turn them into subscribers as they feel resonance with your experience.

Also, it would help if you encouraged your subscribers to share their thoughts and opinions to increase the strength of the connection.

Improve Your SEO

This point requires much knowledge and a good understanding of the ranking system of YouTube, but the basic instruments that you have to embrace are keywords. Choosing the right ones is a way to make your content discoverable for many users, who are likely to become your subscribers.

Keywords on YouTube can be introduced into video titles, descriptions, tags, and even captions. Finding perfect keywords requires thorough research, but the result is worth the effort.


Getting more subscribers organically is not an easy task to complete. It can never be fulfilled, as the number of YouTube users grows every day. However, the main techniques to increase the numbers remain the same as they were:

  • Being consistent.
  • Stick to the niche.
  • Engage your existing audience.

But the most crucial factor that can easily gross more subs on your channel is making worthy, authentic, original, and interesting videos. Without compelling content, your chances to win the love and appreciation of the extensive public are minimal, even if you buy subscribers and stats.

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