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Easy Gujarati Style Khichdi To Try At Home

There are various types of khichdi recipes to try at home if you want to add something light to your menu. Khichdi is a kind of food that can be consumed at times when anyone is not feeling well or prefers lightweight food that makes you healthy and improves various health issues.

How To Make Gujarati Khichdi – Gujarati Khichdi Recipe

Gujarati Rajwadi Khichdi

For now, we will talk about Gujarati khichdi which contains some authentic Gujarati spices, which make it one of the famous dishes of Gujarat. This khichdi does not require more ingredients and can be simply made without much use of heavy spices, basically a plain khichdi. It has a very smooth texture so that you can easily swallow it which is perfect for small babies also.

Ingredients of Khichdi

The two main ingredients used in this Gujarati khichdi recipe are moong dal and short-grain rice or Rozana Basmati Rice as per your preference of texture. The spices are kept less in quantity to make the khichdi light and less spicy.

The main spices include turmeric powder, hing, and a little amount of salt to maintain its texture and consistency. It is made less dense because of the quantity of water which is kept quite large. The usage of fewer spices makes it a very mild khichdi which is very healthy and tasty.

You can also prefer Gujarati kadhi khichdi which is the same as the one we are discussing right now but it comes with an additional item which is kadhi, made up of curd (it is also very good for health and lightweight too) making it one of another famous dishes of Gujarat consumed all over the country. This kadhi also goes well with everyday basmati rice khichdi as well and makes the taste of our plain khichdi even better.

Steps to Make Khichdi

To make khichdi, first of all, we need to add the required spices in a pressure cooker and fry them until we get a perfect texture. Then put the rice above it and fill the cooker with water and finally close its lid so that it gets cooked properly for at least five minutes.

The same goes with our kadhi, which requires spices and some onions to be fried and then we add some flour on it to give it a thick texture and finally add the curd to it with an equal amount of water. It will take another five minutes, and after both the food items are properly cooked, we can finally serve them.

This khichdi is a very special dish of Gujarat and is at least consumed once a week, not only in Gujarat but all the other parts of the country as well.

As it is a kind of dish that does not take a lot of time in cooking so it is very easy to make it. It can also be served with curd or pickle just to make the plain khichdi even tastier and also for the people who are health conscious it is a perfect solution.

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