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How A Twilight Saga Marathon Can Assist You In Accomplishing Your Goals

The Twilight Saga, directed by David Slade, Bill Condon, Chris Weitz, and Catherine Hardwiche, starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, is based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer.

The series, which premiered in 2008, has since then made waves in the film industry, notorious for its blood thirsting romance – quite literally with the heartthrob Edward Cullen, lead vampire and love interest of Bella Swan, a shy high school outcast.

The Twilight Saga Marathon

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Despite this show being critiqued for not having top notch writing, it mainly targets preadolescent girls and either way, the series has amassed thousands of fans of all groups and ages and has gained wide commercial success across the globe due to its gripping storyline. According to Forbes, “Twilight’ occupies all 5 top spots among Netflix’s most-watched movies.”

The main attraction of these movies has always been the fierce and passionate love between Bella and Edward and their determination to overpower all the obstacles that they faced in their way, that stood between their undeniable eternal love. But this franchise is so much more than romance.

The Saga offers valuable lessons throughout the course of these movies and read ahead so you can be inspired. Make sure you stream Twilight movies in order before reading on, so you can understand exactly what we’re talking about.

Some important lessons that can be learned from the series, which can result in you achieving your goals, are:

Life always has distractions, don’t pay attention to them

The Cullen’s are a great example of dedication for choosing not to drink human blood. They stick to a vegetarian diet (only drinking animal blood) and try their best to refrain from even thinking about human blood as once they have even a tiny taste, they are unable to stop, and might take the human’s life.

In our lives, we must be able to defy our animalistic instincts and not give into them if we want to be successful and productive. Life will give you a million reasons for you to not work hard and stay consistent, even when you are engulfed with frustration.

  • Skip out on your friends’ insistence for just one drink at happy hour in the middle of the day, or a quick trip at the mall, when you need to be at the gym for your daily workout or finish a deadline for an important project.
  • It may be enticing to take your shot at gambling, but it may become an addiction. The aftermath of it might not be one where you will end up successful and it could be greatly detrimental to your mental health.
  • Oh look, an intriguing money-making advert popped up whilst scrolling on Instagram – but it is most definitely a pyramid scheme that will lure you into the false promise of becoming a multi-millionaire and you will end up with empty pockets and even lower self-esteem than you had before.

Just like the Cullen’s are able to stick to their morals, you have the potential to do whatever you want regardless of what others think about you or what they expect from you. Be consistent!

Stand your ground and don’t give up

During the Volturi coven confrontation, the Cullen’s strategized and had their allies make use of time by practicing their individual strengths, in case of a battle. Zafrina and Kate helped Bella practice enlarging her mental shield to protect their allies from the Volturi guard’s psychic attacks.

Their steadfast approach led to great victory and they were greeted by a peaceful outcome. This gives us an important lesson that while you will get many curveballs thrown at you and you may falter, no matter what you need to get back up and fight your battles to the best of your abilities.

Having a group of people to assist you in your endeavors can be a crucial step towards your success, as they may be equipped to benefit you in cases of setbacks and pick you up when you fall because at the end of the day, what will matter is your hard work, what you have learned from it, and the teamwork and new bonds that have been fortified.

Commitment is essential

Bella’s love for Edward knew no bound as she was ready to give up her previously transient life to become immortal, just so she could live with Edward forever. This took a great deal of devotion on her part as she had to bear periods where she was without Edward, such as in New Moon where he left her and she pined for him for an entire year.

This without a doubt was not easy, but her commitment was unmitigated  because she was sure that it was Edward she wanted to be with and nobody else (feeling bad for whoever was on Team Jacob).

She remained faithful in spite of adversity so if you want to be successful in achieving your goals, you need to be sure of what you want as you cannot oscillate from one thing to another.

You will not achieve astronomical success overnight – it is a lot of commitment so as long as you solely focus on your goal and give it everything you’ve got, success is guaranteed.

Money doesn’t make you rich

The Cullen’s are rolling in money. Four hundred years of practicing medicine and not having to worry about spending on food, rent, or other necessities, means the family owns more luxury cars and designer clothes than they could possibly need.

Moreover, Alice’s ability to know what the outcome of a situation meant that they never had to make any risky investments. Edward also had his family inheritance prior to being adopted. However, before Bella arrived, Edward was really depressed regardless of the huge influx of wealth his family possessed.

This means that you don’t really need money to be happy. It is, therefore, imperative for you to find your niche, something that makes you genuinely happy, because as long as you are not content with where you’re headed, your life will have no meaning and you’ll be driving down an endless pit.

So, find your passion, find something that you think is worthy of your time and attention, and give it your best.

Hope these life lessons have convinced you to have a Twilight marathon over the weekend for some much-needed inspiration! While the writing may not be the best, the story arc and the myths and lessons behind it, can surely hook any audience.

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