Three Inspirational Women Who Have Delivered Incredible TED Talks To Help Your Live

Many incredible women have roamed our earth down the years and we’re living in a period where it’s easier than ever to hear their voices, what they have to say, and inspire generations.

Down the years TED Talks have been a great home for some incredibly inspiring talks on a variety of topics from addiction to sport, leading to ambition, all offering unique insight into an individual’s life with many key take outs that can help guide our own lives.

But what are the best TED Talks delivered by women that you really should watch?

Incredible TED Talks

Billie Jean King: This Tennis Icon Paved The Way For Women In Sports

The title of this TED Talk says it all really. There are few female athletes in sport that have done more for women in sport than the phenomenal Billie Jean King. The tennis star famously took on Bobby Riggs in The Battle of the Sexes match, with much of the talk centreing on that.

It discusses her struggles and how to be taken seriously in the sport, as well as the confidence and empowerment she got from winning that match, in front of a staggering 90 million audience.

She paved the way for women’s sport, not just in tennis but others too, and while the playing field is by no means level, we’re a lot closer than we would have been without her.

Brene Brown: Listening to Shame

Millions of people around the world suffer from addiction and a staggering number of those are too afraid to speak out and get help due to the stigma of shame. There are so many opportunities to get help out there, with residential rehab centres designed to tailor plans around you. But getting over that shame and reaching out is difficult.

Brene Brown looks to destigmatise addiction in her TED Talk Listening to Shame, discussing her relationship with shame, as well as the research she has undertaken around it. If you feel like shame is holding you back, in any walk of life or for any reason, this is a truly inspirational and motivational talk to get the help you need.

Sheryl Sandberg: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

It’s incredible that in 2022 there are still so few female leaders around the world. In the UK, the latest female Prime Minister lasted just 44 days before resigning, while Sandberg goes into the details on the various reasons there is still such a gender gap across all professions worldwide.

It’s an interesting take on the subject and there are many things that can be taken out of it, most notably to stop underestimating yourself as a woman and believe in yourself.

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