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Landingi Review – Is It a Best Funnel Building Software?

Digital marketing today’s leading marketing marketers are using today to reach a broader customer base. Increased access to the internet has made it easier for consumers to get information about different goods and services across various e-commerce platforms.

Landingi Details: Overview, Pricing and Features

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Therefore, digital marketers get propelled to up their game. They use sophisticated tools to market a wide variety of products to consumers more conveniently.

Automated marketing helps reach consumers in the comfort of their locations. This should involve lead generation through vigorous website analytics. Marketers and agencies rely on different tools that can help them create leads for their clients.

Landingi is one such tool that marketers use to create, optimize, test, and publish landing pages. The software need not the user to have any programming, graphic, or coding skills to operate. It uses plain language, thereby enabling even novice users to use it easily.

In this review, we look at some unique specifications, features, pros, cons, and frequently asked questions about Landingi.

1] Product Description

Landingi is probably one of the best end-to-end landing page platforms for most digital marketers in the modern industry. It is a landing page builder for users with no programming knowledge. It provides a polished user interface that comes with a wide variety of tools for creating attractive landing pages.

The tool offers an outstanding drag-and-drop editor, which enables you to customize your landing page into what you want your website visitors to have.

It provides over 200 templates that you can customize hassle-free based on your taste and preferences. You can quickly build your sale funnels using the tool in the shortest time possible.

With this tool, you do not have to worry about the integration issues. It integrates freely with over 40 third party software in the market. You can easily convert your landing pages and use the various pop-ups availed by the tool to reach a wider audience.

Landingi is suitable for companies and businesses looking forward to generating more sales by capturing leads through their websites landing pages. Its design is for simplicity. You can quickly move your text and objects around the custom page and change their locations.

It is quick and lets you have your dream landing page in minutes. With this tool, you don’t have to wait for your custom changes on the landing page to implement. It implements the changes with the click of the button.

With the Landingi app at your disposal, you can get unlimited access to different SEO tools, SSL certificate for all your website pages, and unlimited access to thousands of royalty-free stock images. The SEO tools provided by Landingi are useful for your online SEO marketing and branding.

2] Specifications

  • Customer service: Online customer support available.
  • Integration: Available for 40+ third-party software.
  • Starting price: $ 39 per month.
  • Trial: 14 – day free trial.
  • A/B Testing: Available.
  • Templates: 200+.

3] Key features

  • Real-time editing – Landingi provides immediate solutions to lading page customization. It implements all the changes made on the landing page in real-time.
  • Form creation – You can add different forms on your landing page and have them published on your website and other blogs.
  • Affordability – The starting price is $39.00 only for the Create plan. This is affordable for any startup business with a dream of increasing its sales turnover.
  • Simplicity – The drag and drop feature on Landingi makes it the most straightforward tool you can use to customize a landing page.
  • Suitability – The tool is useful for agencies and entrepreneurs with a vision to generate more leads through their landing pages.

4] Pros

  • You can quickly move objects and texts on the landing page.
  • All the changes made on the landing page gets implemented in real-time.
  • Offers many features at a reduced cost.
  • No special coding or programming skills needed to use it.
  • Online customer support provided.
  • It allows the website admin to create unlimited landing pages.

5] Cons

  • The landing pages may be unresponsive for mobile view.
  • You cannot sort your pages alphabetically or by date on the WordPress plugin.
  • Provides only basic analytics for data management.

6] Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

1) Does Landingi come with a free trial?

Yes. Landingi offers a 14-day free trial for new users. During this time, you can test the tool and find out if it provides what you are looking for.

2) What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is an experiment in which two versions of the same web page appear to a user and a statistical tool used to determine their conversion rate. The test enables marketers to decide on the best landing page that will generate more leads.

3) Is Landingi simple to use?

You do not need any programming or graphic skill to use this tool. Also, you can access the online tutorial to learn more about how to use the editor to customize your landing pages.

4) How many leads can it generate?

Landingi can allow up to 50,000 visitors depending on the conversion rate of each landing page.

5) How much is Landingi?

Landingi offers four unique pricing packages for their users – Create, Automate, Agency, and White Label. The Create plan is the cheapest plan costing $39.0 monthly and $29.0 on an annual-monthly plan.

7] Buyer guide

Landingi is one of the best end-to-end landing page custom tools you can lay your hand on in the current software market. It provides many unique features at a reduced price.

With over 200 templates availed by this tool, you can easily custom your landing pages and make them more attractive to all your visitors.


The competition in the digital market is stiff. Every website owner needs a unique tool that can help him or her to generate more leads.

Landingi is one such tool that every digital marketer should not ignore. It gives you a 14-day trial to test and verify its efficiency. Proper landing pages needs ultimate customization from such highly useful tools as Landingi.

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