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How to Type Faster : Increase Your Typing Speed

Welcome back today at Just Web World we’re back with all new post on increasing your typing speed, how you can type faster on your PC. I have seen many people having habits of typing faster than you on computer and to be frank you also wanted to be like them or you want to increase your speed for some kinda long works on PC due to which it would take lesser time for finishing the work.

Learn How to Type Faster Without Looking At the Keyboard

learn how to type fast without looking

How to Type Fast

It’s no difficulty in increasing your typing speed on PC all you need to do is concentrate and be regular to typing because even you didn’t stand on your own at once your mum helped you enough so that you she can trust you that you can stand on your own. Actually the basic thing behind is “Practice makes the man perfect“. Now, without wasting much time lets get on the post and reveal the secrets for having faster typing speed.

How to Type Fast On Computer (How to Learn Typing)

Either Change Your Position Or Way To Sit.

Yeah, there is a lot of difference in typing speed according to sitting and way you are using to type even some people after having a good sitting are not able to type faster but they are actually capable of. To type faster what you should do is find a silent place with no sounds at all with a comfortable seat and table where you can easily type, you must place your keyboard near waist level as it helps in increasing typing speed.

You should use your finger pads for typing rather than using your nails or finger tips for faster typing speed. One more thing is you should keep your both the hands on your keyboard correctly so that there is very less mistakes in spellings otherwise it would take a lot of time correcting them.

Placement Of Your Hands.

Placing your hands on the keyboard also makes a lot of difference in typing speeds. Using your both hands for typing on a keyboard is best because it would help you to type faster without wasting much energy and even the work would finish faster. Using your thumb for “SPACEBAR” is good because it would help you remember the keyboard buttons.

Trying Avoiding To See Your Keyboard While Typing.

Avoiding seeing keyboard while writing any thing is the best practice to remember the keyboard buttons. Remembering the keyboard buttons help you to type faster. Its an recommended practice which you should follow for remembering the keyboard buttons and also if you’re really considered about increasing your typing speed.

Get Addicted To Writing.

Get Addicted To Writing

Addicted To Writing

Getting addicted to writing means start giving time to your writings for improving the speed because the more time you practice the more benefit you get from it. Even riding a bicycle for the first is not easy but people still try try and succeed. Getting addicted to writing will not have any bad impacts on you rather than it will help you increase your writing speed and it will even improve your english too.

Type What You Listen And Read.

Try to write down the thing what you usually think off or the things you have recently listenend to it can be helpful to you in increasing your current typing speed to a good level even without minor mistakes in spelling which would save your a lot of time. In some recent survey it was noticed that people who type faster saves around 300 hours in a year.

Challenge And Proceed.

There are a lot of games on internet which you can find for increasing your typing speed. These apps are a lot helpful actually even using these apps i have increase my writing speed and now its around 112 WPM. Some of the best apps for challenging yourself to increase your typing speed are as follows.

After you have tried all the above methods and the sites you would see a change in your typing speed. Only if you follow them properly.

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Above we share some tips regarding how you can increase your typing speed easily. If you have any queries regarding it please do not forget to comment below. Do not forget to share this post if you liked it because sharing is caring.

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