What Is An LED Grow Light? (Pros and Cons)

Led grow lights are the electric lights which help in the growth process of indoor plants. These lights produce electromagnetic spectrum to provide the best ambience for photosynthesis. These lights are very helpful where there is no or very less amount of natural lights for the growth of the plants.

LED Grow Lights for Growing Cannabis (2020)

LED Grow Lights

The use of the led grow lights is specially done during the winter season when the daylight is not available in a sufficient way to boost the growth. Horticulture, indoor gardening, food production and plant propagation are the basic sectors for the use of theses lights.

These lights are the best possible alternative of the natural sun rays which are essential for the growth of plants. It can also produce a customized effect as per the requirement.

Plants can grow at the best level when you provide them with the perfect quantity of the nutrients and that is why the led grow lights are so important. But, getting the best light is not as simple as it sounds. You need to be sure of your choice before purchasing them.

Different types of LED Grow Lights

For the purpose of horticulture, there is a wide range of grow lights available. Below is the list of the basic types: –

  • Single channel lights which come with the on and off modes.
  • 2-Channel lights, it offers the option to select from Veg and Bloom modes.
  • Programmable lights, these are the customizable lights which give you the option to set schedules of the light along with changing the intensity and to improvise the spectrum.

Pros and Cons of Led Grow Lights

Many users have given negative LED Grow Lights Reviews, but in the actual scenario, the fault was not with the light. It was due to the incorrect use of the type of light or improper use of them.

We need to understand that, it is not a natural process, even in natural system and excess or less supply can cause damage. So let’s find out about the various pros and cons of the same.

LED Grow Lights - How to Grow Marijuana


  • It comes with a high durability along with a minimum of 2 years of warranty.
  • It provides efficient cooling
  • Consumes very less power while delivering a high supply.
  • Auto timer helps to customize the scheduling.


  • Most of the lights can only be used for indoor purposes.
  • The automatic lights can’t be turned off without the use of timers.
  • Need to select the perfect type or may give adverse results.

So, LED Lights Reviews are not well enough, it is suggested to try on your own, but definitely by getting the knowledge of using the perfect type of light in the perfect place.

Steps to Select the Best Led Grow Lights

  • Select from the best brand.
  • The lights for the indoor uses need to be of low heat output.
  • Go through the installation process; don’t take the complicated ones unless it is necessary.
  • Check the availability of the space for the use of the lights.
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