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MacDroid – A New Reliable App for File Transfer Between Android and Mac

There has always been a complaint among Mac and Android users where they said they couldn’t transfer files with each other.

Now that the MacDroid app has been invented, the transfer barrier between Android and Mac has been broken for good. MacDroid app lets you transfer files and even entire folders between a Mac computer and an Android device that are connected through USB.

MacDroid Review

In general, macOS and Android OS can’t work together. Hence, if you own a Mac computer but you don’t own an iPhone, you’d know how tough and impossible it is transfer files from the computer to the phone and vice versa.

Keeping in mind all these issues, the Electronic Team, Inc. announced the release of MacDroid 1.0. This is a brand new addition to the company’s MacOS software lineup.

With MacDroid, a user can connect an Android tablet or a phone to their Mac and be able to transfer music, photographs, videos and also folders between a device and a computer. However, you have to connect to the computer with the help of an USB cable. You won’t need any other added hardware or software.

The Highlights of MacDroid at a glance

  • Lets you mount external and internal Android storage.
  • You can edit Android files on Mac without having to transfer them to the computer.
  • Supports all MTP and Android devices.
  • Doesn’t require any other extensions or plugins to work.

MacDroid provides two modes of connection to its users, ADB and MTP. ADB mode is the one that is advised by the app developers and this is because it offers high speed and stability for data transfer.

MTP connection is easier and more versatile. It lets you connect other devices that may not be running on Android. However, as long as they support MTP connection, you can easily transfer files.

System Requirements

  • Works with all MTP and Android devices.
  • Works on MacOS 10.10 or later.

Steps to transfer files from Android to Mac through MacDroid

Connect the Android to Mac

Connect the device to the computer through an USB cable. Download, install and then open the MacDroid Android file transfer app. Open ‘Devices’ which is there in the main menu and search for the device on the list.

Let your Mac to access the Android device

Choose any of the two connection modes offered by MacDroid : Either ADB (which is advised) or MTP and then follow the steps to ensure the device is already on your computer.

You’re ready to transfer

Now when the device is connected and you confirm the device, open the device in the Finder app and enjoy editing tasks and Android transfer with MacDroid.

Mount Android in the form of a drive on Mac

  • You may also mount external and internal storages.
  • You can edit Android files on Mac without having to move the files on the computer.
  • And you can use only MacDroid as there are no requirements of additional extensions and plugins.
  • You can work with any MTP or Android device that you own.

Tasks MacDroid helps you with

As you’re already familiar with the steps to install MacDroid, now you should know how it helps you with different tasks. Read on.

  • Transfers photos: If you need a fast app that can do transfer photos from Android to Mac then, MacDroid is the most reliable option. It is also fast and compact.
  • Works with folders: With the help of MacDroid, you can move folders that are filled with files from Mac to Android and also vice versa.
  • Edits files without moving them: With the help of MacDroid, you are allowed to open a file in Finder and edit it on Mac without having to move the file from Android to Mac.
  • Lets you watch TV show on plane: With the MacDroid Android transfer app, you can easily transfer all the episodes of a TV show that you’d like to watch while traveling in a flight.
  • Transfers music: When you have the best tracks to listen to while traveling, you can transfer them from Android to Mac and vice versa and have a great musical day.
  • MTP connection: With the MTP mode in MacDroid, you can connect and work with several devices to Android like cameras and MP3 players.

Media Files that can be transferred through MacDroid

The types of files that you can transfer through MacDroid are as follows.

  • Photos – You are allowed to access Android photos through your Finder app and drag them with the cursor of your mouse to any Mac folder.
  • Videos: Do you have some great new videos that you want to watch? If yes and you don’t want to carry your computer with you, you can transfer them to your Android phone and watch it on-the-go.
  • Music: You are also allowed to add your best tracks to Android form your Mac and also the other way round and enjoy music while traveling.
  • Transfer Files: When you don’t have the urge to move files around, you can edit them with your Mac app without having to save them on your computer.

Pricing and Availability of MacDroid

MacDroid 1.0 has two versions, Free and Pro. Both the versions are available from the developer’s website. The free version lets you transfer files from Android to Mac.

However, you may try out the PRO version for 7 days at least as this is free of cost. This PRO version lets you transfer files from Android to Mac and vice versa. It also lets you edit Android files on Mac without saving them.

MacDroid PRO is sold on an annual subscription bases with auto-renewal and this costs you around $19.99/year. This software app has been developed by Electronic Team, Inc, which is a tech development company that specializes in high-end software applications.

So, now that you know the features of MacDroid, try using it in order to bridge the transfer gap between Mac and Android.

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