MoboMarket: Review for Updated Android App Marketplace

What is MoboMarket again? Most you already know, few who don’t, MoboMarket is a third-party marketplace for Android apps some of them which you cannot find on Google Play. Started in 2012 it’s the best Android App market growing progressively.

Free Android App and Games on MoboMarket

Free Android App and Games on MoboMarket

Free Android App and Games on MoboMarket

Alright! Why are you telling this to me about it? Because of two reason, firstly for those, who are looking for genuine review of the updated MoboMarket and secondly, because it’s worth your attention.

This fastest growing users Android App store launched a new version this month with some latest features and much more exciting changes providing over 800K high rating game and apps for free.

So, Updated MoboMarketReview

I am going to tell you my experience about updated MoboMarket marketplace for Android app as follow:

  1. MoboMarket UI and Features
  2. What’s new?
  3. Pros & Cons
  4. User Feedback and Rating

What’s new?

  1. User friendly and easy to use brand new User Interface and professional design.
  2. Well improved version of user experience.
  3. Fast and smooth speed.
  4. Best apps recommendation.
  5. Best device managing tools.
Android App Marketplace MoboMarket

Android App Marketplace

MoboMarket UI and Features

Let’s check User Interface:

  • After downloading MoboMarket from its official website here. on my Android Tab, I started installation. And this is the first three view of MoboMarket on my tab after installation.

Download MoboMarket Package:

Free Download MoboMarket Package

Download MoboMarket Package

A welcome image is first view and after that welcome opening in second view it suggest some of the most popular apps you can install using “One-Click Option” or close it off.

This view is the dashboard of MoboMarket where you can see 5 tabs Discover, Apps, Games, Wallpaper and Exclusive respectively. I loved the UI because of its professional design and look beautiful to eyes, I found it pretty cool.

  • On main dashboard of MoboMarket, it is given section to “check what’s popular” based on tap to scan feature.
Main dashboard of MoboMarket

Main dashboard of MoboMarket

  • When I clicked in the upper right corner on “office-bag icon” it come with these views of awesome MoboMarket Tools Managers containing:
MotoMarket Tools Managers

MotoMarket Tools Managers

Update Manager: where the MoboMarket recommends the required update for your android device.

Update Manager

Update Manager

Uninstall Manager: This option show your available data in your phone storage and SD card at the top and the apps you have installed in device, using uninstall manager you can easily uninstalls unnecessary apps.

Package Clean: it is package manager which suggests packages to remove to free the storage space. this manager cleans your storage at one-click.

Transfer: the tool manager has transfer option which can be use to transfer data and file from PC to device, from smartphone to SD card and vice versa.



Setting: The settings of MoboMarket have some important options divided in to two sections quick settings and general which make this marketplace flexible and more convenient to use.

Developer Platform: This option is solely for developers, so if you are a developer you can use this option to get your app on MoboMarket app store.

Options are as such follow:

non-wifi download alert, auto-update on WiFi, delete packages after installation, show update alerts, send us statistics to make MoboMarket better, parental control, language, user manual and some other options.

  • When you click on “download icon” at the upper right corner, it will show you all the downloaded apps. As I haven’t downloaded any app from MoboMarket Android marketplace yet, it’s empty.
Download Manager

Download Manager

Let’s check Features:

1. Besides UI, as I already mentioned it has large number of over 800K+ high rated games and applications.

2. MoboMarket available for both PC and Android version, you can download MoboMarket for PC as well as Android.

3. Its file size for Android version is small and easy to uninstall anytime you want but I am pretty sure you won’t want that as it’s really cool.

4. Using most interesting feature of this Android app i.e., using MotoMarket tool managers you can checked the information about your smart phone or connected device.

5. Auto upgrades your smartphone updates and non-WiFi download alert as well as improvement in file management and Android Device Manager are some of the features that will give you awesome user experience.

6. MoboMarket Tool manager: tool manager in the interface have all the important options to manage your smartphone.

7. MoboMarket also has dedicated wallpaper and themes section which will give you something more out of this marketplace.

8. It has nice showcase sections on the discover tab of main dashboard such as: everyday best app of marketplace titled below Today’s Best, and the check what’s popular tab which will scan a popular apps on tapping.

Pros & Cons


  1. UI is easy to understand and comfortable to use.
  2. Numbers of high rating and top games and apps which are not even on Google play.
  3. Features are really good.
  4. Very easy and smooth for your smartphone.
  5. Best manager for your android device.
  6. Best alternative to Google Play.
  7. Updated versions available.


As you gone through every MoboMarket’s UI & features and quality checked, according to which we can say that there are no disadvantages of installing this app actually.

User Feedback and Rating rating of MoboMarket for Android is 4 Stars which mean it’s an awesome Android App and one must use it once.

On rating is 4.5/5

On Android Informer rating is 7.7 Starts and here below is some of the feedback from app users:

My Rating

  1. For Interface: 5 Stars
  2. For Features: 5 Stars
  3. For Apps inside Marketplace: 4 Stars


MoboMarket Android Marketplace is indeed worth your attention as one of the best alternative to Google Play and awesome high rated apps which you won’t find in Google Play.

From all other available software on the web, its features and user experience stands out most and this is one of the main reasons over the time that MoboMarket gaining lots of attention.

Its updated version is excellent and very cool from previous version.

From all the detailed view of Mobo Market’s features, specification, user experience, feedback and rating I can now say that this is good to go. Download this app right away to manage your android devices, using its important updates option update your smartphone and checkout some cool apps available in the marketplace.

Those who are already using it share your experience with me, which feature do you like the most about this awesome Google Play alternative? :D :D

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