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The Most Effective Lead Generation Tactics 2019

Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing future sales.

Recently there have been significant changes occurring from the rise of new online techniques. The abundance of readily made information available online has led to the rise of buyers who can be made extremely knowledgeable of any product available.

Instead of finding customers with mass advertising, marketers must now focus their attention on being found and learn to build continuous relationships with buyers.

Best Lead Generation Techniques for 2019

Search Engine Optimization

Before we do anything or need to find out information, we now go. Whether it is a business, product, service or review, we reply on the internet and more specifically, search engines to inform us. As a business it is vital that you are ranked at the top of search engines to attract potential leads. Then ensure your website is user and mobile friendly which can help to generate even more leads and business.

Social Media

Everyone is engaged in some type of social media, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter. Social Media has a huge influence in terms or reach and there is also a low cost per lead. With these sites becoming more sophisticated in terms of marketing, it allows a business to target their potential customer and can lead to new customers if the strategy is right. For example, making sure social media posts link back to a respective website.

Email Campaigns

A more traditional lead generation tactic which some have suggested is a dead end in marketing and is still effective to this day, is emailing. This type of lead generation is extremely targeted and ensures a higher conversion than other tactics with a low cost per lead.


This tactic has only recently emerged and instead of bombarding potential customers it is better to have a service for them to use. This could be an App or even a service like Post a Quote where it can help customers compare boiler installation prices in their local area. This is not attacking consumers with useless information but rather helping them and making their lives easier. This can target only potential customers and can be less intrusive than other tactics.

This is a selection of visual presentations which have a variety of different subjects. Submitting a high quality video and making it attractive and easy on the eye commands long lasting attention from the viewer which is one of the main reasons why it has been so successful in generating leads.

Search Engine Advertising

SEA is a highly targeted tactic as you bid on keywords and can be extremely focused. It’s fundamental purpose is in generating conversions from visiting websites, which means it is a highly efficient process especially as you can analyse results and alter your campaigns easily to generate the greatest amount of leads.

Membership Perks

Membership Perks

Membership Perks

We all love feeling special and with membership perks you can give the consumer a personal journey, tailored to them and their needs but also ensuring a long lasting relationship with the consumer which can just as important as generating fresh leads.


Once again, the emphasis here is proving a useful tool or service for potential consumers. This is one of the best tactics for content marketing and distributing valuable information for a potential consumer in your business. It can be useful in terms of the low cost per lead as apart from intellectual knowledge, there are little costs associated with starting a blog on your company’s website.

Marketing Automation

This involves using software to distribute the most appropriate content to the most interested target audience which can increase conversions. The software used helps reduce labour intense marketing tasks. It can collect vital information to track user behavior, for example on a website.

This can then create leads through targeted messages. Although though this can be very effective it can be quite expensive and for companies with low budget marketing campaigns it might not be the most appropriate for them to use.

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