How to Report Business Data Efficiently In 2016

It’s astonishing that PowerPoint remains one of the most commonly used presentation programs 25 years after its launch. Although it’s indisputable that Microsoft’s presentation program revolutionized the way we share data and introduced us to the era of supremacy of image over text, in 2015 we need to go forward and embrace the next revolution – the shift to dashboard reporting systems.

How to Report Business Data Efficiently

The pitfalls of PowerPoint presentations

In fact the character of PowerPoint linear slideshow presentations impose many restrictions on data visualization and its reception. The viewers rely solely on the data the presenter chose to present and remain passive until allowed to ask questions. Such one-way communication discourages teamwork and creativity and at the same time increases the workload carried by the presenter who takes all the responsibility for the choice and correctness of calculations.He must also carry the presentation with him on a data storage device or in his laptop. Moreover, as the data set must be completed before you start building slides, and preparing a PowerPoint presentation always consumes a lot of time, it often happens that the data is already obsolete in the moment of presenting it.

Dashboard reporting allows you to view the relevant data in real time

Dashboard reporting software is free from the shortcomings of PowerPoint. It generates interactive reports in the sense that viewer can drill down the multitude of information to reach the data he really needs.In case of PowerPoint, when you want to update the data, you must type it again into the graphs and charts. With innovative tools like for example datapine’s KPI reporting software, you directly connect to your data sources and then over time manipulate it anyway you want to see yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily or even hourly results .In this way you win back the time you would otherwise spend producing the same, but updated, reports.You can also access the dashboard online from anywhere you want thanks to cloud technology.

The volume of data produced worldwide is overwhelming and your client has probably already lost his orientation. If you want to make data visualization attractive to him, make it simple. With dashboard reporting software you can easily pinpoint the exact metric which is most relevant to your client, but still leave him the option to change the query or widen their search.

As simple as PowerPoint but much more efficient

Dashboard reporting software allows you to export charts via e-mail in XLS, PDF or PNG format. You can also provide chosen employees or clients with exclusive access to dashboards through a separate, customizable interface. Mostly the reports are mobile-optimized which allows viewers to have more comfortable contact with data on their personal devices which in turn increases collaboration and interest.

Data Storage Practices for Businesses

With state-of-the-art reporting tools you can visualize and present your data without technological knowledge.You don’t need to invest in taking on IT specialists, because everyone who has access to the software is capable of building visually engaging reports. As a result, you can devote more time to daily operations in your businesses and to understanding the meaning of data.

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