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We are all pretty aware that in this modern era the Internet world is basically saturated with myriads of torrent leaching services well now you have this particular android application which serves the purpose of an online storage manager. The Online Storage manager indeed is equipped with all its unique storage functionalities to change the basic concept of torrent downloading. is may be new but it is extremely powerful file streaming application service. It is actually going to offer you the premium service of cloud storage along with some of the added abilities. The abilities include the capability to download the media or the data from the popular networks which includes the torrents as well. You must be well aware by now that the Cloud Storage has indeed become the most advanced, reliable and also trusted form of Data Storage. The technology provides you with so much of convenience that you no longer need to worry about losing any of your valuables which may include all your personal data, the samedata which you may hold very close to your heart. The most common way of losing the data is because any of your Hard-drive failure which you need not be worried any more in this case.


So as long as you are having uninterrupted connection of seamless Internet and your application with yourself you can indeed access all of your data at one place and that too without any hassles. It can very well be considered that is really one of the best and trustworthy Cloud Storage Service provider that you can trust totally.

With all the latest advancement in this case of file access there was still something that was lacking. arrives exactly at that point to fill the particular void. It is actually a unique combination of torrent downloading from the popular sites as well as premium cloud storage service. It may be at times possible that because of the copyright issues some of the torrent sites may be blocked by the ISPs, but other than that there should not be any problem. In any cases, if at all you are facing any such blocking issues then the can definitely help you since because it is completely an http downloader. Let’s discuss some of the basic services of

1) Filestream Services:

Let us describe the various services that are being offered by the application.

a. Web Storage

The first one in the services list of services is the Web-storage facility. In many cases you might have certain files that you would not want to keep it locally but instead you would want it to be private and securely kept. After you have kept it secure you may want to have access to it from wherever you are.


So under this particular Web storage services the very application provides you with a file storage that is absolutely free, you would be having secure and safe encrypted SSL connection to your personal storage and also a high speed multi stream download access to all your files.

b. File fetching

The second one in the list is the File fetching service. You may want to download some files from the internet for your need. So the would completely allow you to fully utilize all the possibilities that would be given to you by the unrestricted internet access. It doesn’t charge you for downloading your own file to your local devices.

c. Secure Storage would be providing you 100% private secure storage which would be soon provided to you by the makers of services.

2) Filestream Cloud Service

Cloud Service provides the facility of online file storage which is basically free of cost. As mentioned earlier they would be providing full privacy to your files so that you can be completely sure of the fact no one else would have any types of access to this type of files. All the connections are encrypted with the SSL for security. You can even enjoy the high speed multi-stream download access to all your files. The amazing aspects of the features are that they are all available for free but definitely the services would be better if e subscribe to it. If you must know the provides flexible upgrade plans which starts from about $1.99 per month.

3) Torrent Leaching Services. has been considered by mant as the best torrent leeching site other than Zbigz and the Boxopus. The reason behind these claims is that Filestream basically offers to download torrent with maximum downloading speed as your network might support. If in any case the number of seeders is very less as compared to the leechers for a particular torrent, then we all know that there would be some problem with the downloading speed and we may not be able to able to download the file as well. Just to download a file of about 1 GB you may need to wait the entire day or even for a week. But there is no need to be worried anymore because is already here. It is such a service which would be able to download the torrent once you being a user provide the torrent file or the magnet link. Furthermore it would also keep it on its high speed server.

Let us summarize some of its features of its torrent leaching services.

  • The maximum size of the single torrent supported is actually 1 GB for your free account. It is actually up to 10 GB for the premium accounts.
  • The premium account rate starts from 1.99$ with full one month validity. it would be providing you file leeching service from the Depositfiles, Netload, 4shared etc.
  • In order to check out the services you can avail the 7 days trial. The torrent size limit however would be 5GB.
  • The file which has been leached will be stored on their server for nearly 3 days.
  • It would also be providing SSL security and would also be hiding your IP.

4) Filestream android App.

Android App

Some of the most important features of the application are:

  • It is basically for the tablets and phones running on Android 2.3 and above.
  • It would help you to manage your files and folders. There is a large selection of custom settings.
  • You can easily view video and audio files on any external device with DLNA support.

It’s a filestream, To sign up for FileStream CLick Here:

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