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As we all know Apple is known to create apps and software’s of its own that stay distinct to the company and its devices. The laptops and desktops of Apple are no less. Mac is known for its speed and simplicity of use. An apple user will always prefer using a Mac as it is compatible with all other Apple devices too.

Keeping iOS in mind some features that are easily available in Windows laptops, may not be that simple, to use in Mac. One simple example is the ease of using PDF files in Mac is a little more complex than it is in Windows.

Understanding this one challenge, a product called PDF Editor Pro for Mac is available in the market that makes using PDF files as simple as possible.

What is PDF Editor Pro for Mac

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac

The PDF editor Pro for Mac is a complete one stop solution for all PDF requirements. It has features that will help you do anything that a PDF can allow you to do – it will help you edit, convert, mark up, secure and share your files in PDF format. Advanced functions like forms and OCR are also accessible through PDF Editor Pro tool.

Features of PDF Editor Pro Software for Mac

The main features of this product are:

Edit your PDF

Be it text, images or pages, the PDF Editor Pro allows you to edit anything and everything. You can replace, crop, bold, italik, underline the content and images in the file. It also helps you add, delete, extract, replace or crop images on PDF files

Compress, Split or Combine PDF files

Do you need anything better than a product that allows you to combine two different files into one? This is one of the best products available to use if you wish to compress, split or combine more than one PDF file in your Mac.

Secure PDF

In order to ensure security of your PDF file, PDF Editor Pro for Mac provides multiple options. You can either set up a password, place stamps to clarify authority or redact your PDF file in order to remove sensitive content, images and pages.

Create or fill PDF forms from your Mac

Now forget the pain of taking a print out to fill a PDF form. All thanks to PDF Editor Pro for Mac, you can now fill out downloaded PDF forms or create one of your own

OCR Function

The OCR feature is not available in most of the PDF tools – be it for windows or Mac. But, the PDF Editor pro has it. The OCR functionality allows the user to scan the documents and convert it into the desired editable format. The best part? The character recognition is accurate and speed of conversion is high.

iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac

PDF Editor Pro Tool for Mac Review

By far, this product is known to be the best product available in market for PDF usage in Mac. It can be used for any PDF file – be it online journals, e-books or official documents. It is known to be user friendly with an instinctive user interface.

PDF Editor Pro is currently priced at $99.95 and is worth every penny spent on it. This product allows you to access you PDF from simple to complex – beginning from editing, cropping, deleting and highlighting text and images to securing and sharing the PDF directly though emails, this product is a one stop solution.

For Windows, you have multiple options, but keeping in mind the unique software of Mac, this product is highly recommended to all those who work on PDFs day in and day out. This tool is upgraded at regular intervals, and every time it has a new upgrade, it become faster and simpler to use.

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iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro Review

As per user reviews, the ability of PDF Editor Pro to edit scanned PDF documents is outstanding and all thanks to this tool, working on PDFs is no more a pain and complex task. Till date, there have been no disadvantages of this tool being found – not in the testing phase nor in the implementation phase. 🙂

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  • nice blog!!

    I was always in search of a permanent software which could convert my word files to pdf , but i always end up using the online tool which takes time and also they didnt allow unlimited file conversions they have 3-5 conversion files only.

    thanks harshil for the blog, I’ll use this from now on.

  • Hi Harshil Barot thanks for sharing this iSkysoft PDF review. This PDF editor is amazing very helpful.