How to Use Omnichannel Support In eCommerce

E-commerce businesses thrive on good customer service. Customer service is a very important aspect in the success of your business.

You can use customer service to find out what your customer needs, their reaction and level of satisfaction with your products, and you can use it to resolve and check-up on any problems that they might be experiencing.

How to Use Omnichannel Support in E-commerce

Studies have shown that a lot of clients abandon ship due to bad customer service issues rather than the price or quality of products. Ensuring that your customers are satisfied should always be a priority to you.

As there are technological advances being made every day, there are numerous ways in which you can keep your customers satisfied. There are many customer service options you can use to ensure that your customers have the best-quality experience as far as your company is concerned.

There are many channels of customer service being used nowadays and deciding between the many channels that exist today can be troublesome and confusing. Luckily, you can opt to use and omnichannel approach instead of settling for just a single channel.

By using omnichannel helpdesk for free, you can deliver quality customer service on all of your chosen channels. This also ensures that your customers get the information and help that they need.

What exactly is omnichannel support?

By using omnichannel support, you give your clients an opportunity to use any number of methods to contact the company, while also tying all their interactions together. For example, if a customer communicates to the business via email as well as social media, an omnichannel ties all these experiences together.

This way, you will be aware of the customer’s previous interactions with the business and they would not have to repeat themselves. Using the best helpdesk is not only effective but also highly efficient for both the business as well as the client. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind while using omnichannel support in e-commerce.

1] Weigh your options when choosing support channels and select wisely.

Omnichannel support systems can make the lives of your customers as well as your employees a lot easier. However, you’ll need to think about what channels to include very carefully. You don’t need to have every possible option.

That’s completely unnecessary and could turn out to be confusing in the long run. Omnichannel support is never about choosing as many channels as you can. It’s about choosing the right ones. Evaluate your options. Which channel would best suit your customers’ needs? Which channels are most accessible?

Answer these questions and pick your channels. Then provide the best customer service you can on those channels. That’s how omnichannel support works.

Don’t view omnichannel support as something you can add more and unnecessary channels onto. Use your existing channels, and better your service on those channels by tying together all your customer’s previous interactions with the company. While you’re choosing, make sure that a few of the channels on your list are mobile-friendly.

2] Similarly, choose the best support platform.

Once you’ve chosen your channels, it’s time to choose a platform to manage them on. You’ll need to choose a platform that enables seamless communication between each channel.

Good communication between channels is integral in accessing your customer’s information and records of previous interactions. Before submitting to a platform. Make sure that the channels you’ve opted for are supported on your chosen platform.

3] Build a strong and capable support team – it’s worth it.

Never forget that customer service is always ultimately about people. Technological advancements have made interaction and feedback much easier. Despite all the applications available to us, we must never dehumanize a client.

The most important thing about customer service is to make the client feel as though they are talking to another human being as opposed to an organization. Send personalized messages, address them by name, check-up on them every now and then, ask for their feedback etc.

All these are integral aspects of maintaining good customer relationships. You can efficiently keep track of and implement all these important aspect with a capable support team.

Don’t skim on this part of your business thinking you’ll rely on only canned messages as responses to your customers’ queries. Instead of using omnichannel support as a solution for all your needs that are customer service related, see it as a tool which your support team can use to do their jobs more efficiently.

4] Use automation.

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of customer service. Customers don’t like to wait. This makes them feel as though they’re an afterthought. You need to show your customers how important they are to you and the business.

In order to do this, your team will need to work on quick replies. There are some queries that are frequently asked. For these specific queries, you could have well thought out automated responses so that you’ll have more time for the more complex issues.

Providing excellent customer service isn’t always as easy as it may seem. There’s a lot of time and hard work that’s required to keep your customers satisfied and loyal to your business. Omnichannel support services can help you in this department.

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