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Print services are still important in marketing today. Read on to discover three options to consider.

Print Services


1] Business Card Printing – The Latest Trends

Business card printing is something that all businesses need to invest in. However, there is no point in investing in a high quality online printing service if your business card is not designed effectively to begin with. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover more about the latest trends in business card design.

Something we are seeing more and more of lately is simple and elegant business designs. A lot of people have the tendency to try and cram as much information as possible into a business card, but this is not what they are designed for.

They are supposed to feature the most basic and vital pieces of information. A simple and elegant business card can have a greater impact and it can look much more professional, as opposed to looking scattered and confused.

Another popular trend is typographic business cards. This relates to business cards that place a lot of emphasis on the font that has been used, often incorporating different ones. Nevertheless, you do need to be mindful when executing this trend. You still need to follow the basic principles of choosing fonts that are easy to read.

There is also greater emphasis placed on the back of the card. This makes sense; after all, you want to maximise the space. However, for many years the business card was a one-sided affair.

Finally, we are seeing more creative companies take their brand literally, for example, those in the music industry handing out cards that look like concert tickets.

2] Banner Stand Printing – Key Considerations

Banner stand printing is an effective form of advertising that should be considered by all businesses. However, there is not one set formula when it comes to creating the perfect banners.

It all depends on your business, where you are advertising, and what your objectives are. With that being said, read on to discover some key considerations regarding banner printing.

One of the most important aspects to think about is the size of the banner you are going to have printed. It goes without saying that you are going to have a greater impact the bigger the banner. Nevertheless, this does not mean that all companies should go for the biggest banner possible.

It still needs to be tasteful and you may have restrictions in place depending on where you are advertising. If you are using the banner indoors, it is a good idea to think about lighting. This is something you can use to your effect to enhance the level of attention your banner receives. You also need to choose the right colour.

Colour psychology plays a massive role when advertising. You have attention grabbing colours, such as red, and then there are high energy colours, like yellow and orange, while the likes of black, white, and silver give off a sleek and professional vibe. What are you going to include on your banner?

It is always a good idea to keep things simple. This will strengthen your message and ensure your banner is memorable. Include a short headline, your logo, tagline, brief copy points, a vivid image, and a call to action.

3] Poster Printing – Why Posters Are Beneficial For Small Businesses

Poster printing is something that all small businesses should consider. Of course, the benefits of marketing with posters can be felt by all types of companies, but they are especially beneficial for small businesses, as you will discover below.

One of the main benefits associated with posters is the fact that you have a lot of flexibility in terms of designs. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, you are not limited to A4, you could always go for something bigger, such as A1. You also have a large space to place with. Why not add a coupon code or a QR code, for example?

In addition to this, poster marketing is ideal for small companies because it is cost effective. When compared with other forms of print advertising, such as newspaper or magazine ads, posters offer a lot more value. You can buy them in bulk for a low price and their effectiveness lives on.

With a newspaper advert, you are simply renting a space. Once the issue of the newspaper has passed, so too will the effectiveness of your advert. This illustrates another key benefit of poster printing for small businesses – continuous exposure.

People will see your posters for as long as you leave them there, which further enhances their success. And, of course, there is a high level of visibility with posters, as you can hang them almost anywhere.

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