Select The Best WordPress Theme While Considering Some Important Things

Many novices feel overwhelmed and confused when it is all about to choose a theme template for their WordPress website. They can try thousands of paid and free options on the internet. Every theme looks nice than other. How can you choose the best WordPress themes for your blogs or websites? In this article, I would like to share some important things you must care so you can choose the best template for your web presence.

How to Select Best WordPress Theme

How to select best wordpress theme

Why Should You Care?

WordPress is the blogging platform for all types of websites and blogs. For this reason, each theme caters a unique and different market. Your selected theme should match the website contents. For instance, if you are running a website on social issues or politics, you want a theme to improve your readability. WordPress themes are available with editing and customization options.

For better display, it is better to code properly otherwise it can be tough for you to change these templates or use other plugins. You can be locked into that template or will hire the services of a developer to switch. Some WordPress themes look greats, but they can make your web pages incredibly slow. It can decrease your ranking in Google because it prefers faster websites to come in the top ten results.

Remember that, your WordPress theme represents your website and plays a vital role in how search engines, as well as users, perceive it. You all know the famous proverb that all that glitter is not gold. While following this concept, let’s have a look at few steps you should take in the selection of the best WordPress template for your website.


Simple Theme

Different themes come with a lot of flashy animations, complex layouts and colors. Sometimes you want these things but in common cases, you do not need all this. Simplicity is the way of ultimate sophistication.

You should look for such theme that has a good layout to support your objective. It displays well without compromising on simplicity and usability. It should be user-friendly and informative so that sites owners can easily achieve their objectives.


A great amount of internet traffic is generated from handheld devices or mobile. Based on the topic of your website, this number can be higher than your current traffic. Google prefers to index mobile friendly sites on top results of search engine.

Responsive Website

Regardless of your demographics and website topic, all websites should be mobile friendly and responsive. WordPress theme you select should be responsive by default. Make sure that your selected theme is mobile friendly or not.

Here is a simple way to check whether WordPress theme is attractive, responsive or not. It is all about to resizing the screen of your browser. When you resize the screen of your browser, you may notice that the layout of the theme will adjust to the width of the screen.

One disadvantage of using a free theme for WordPress site is that there is no support for it. Do not mess up as you can figure out on your own to find the best WordPress theme while considering these few things in mind. 🙂

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  • Well great! informative post you wrote, happy with your article. Thank you for sharing.

  • Can you recommend W3C compliant themes that have been validated both CSS and HTML?
    They are very hard to find, most of the theme developers don’t validate the themes and tell you they are up to the W3C standards and they do not pass the test.