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Song Weilong: Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Wife, Kids, Family, House

Discover Song Weilong’s salary, wiki, bio, birthdate, age, and height! Actor and model Song Weilong is from China. After seeing the Jet Li film “The New Legend of Shaolin,” she developed an interest in the entertainment industry and martial arts. Performer who rose to fame in China thanks to his lead part in the fantasy romance serial Long For You. Since then, he has acted in films like Catman (2018) and television series like Untouchable Lovers. Let’s find out more about Song’s age, birthday, place of birth, height, weight, height, TV shows, family, longing for you, awards, and other details.


Bio, Education and Family

Song Weiloong was born on March 25, 1999, in Dalian, Liaoning, China. He is a Chinese national and an Aries by sign. Song was reared in Dalian with his two elder sisters by their father, a clerk at a lawyer’s office, and mother, who worked at a nearby grocery. Song’s mother gave her permission to live at a Shaolin temple when he was six years old and fell in love with martial arts after seeing Jet Li perform in the film “The New Legend of Shaolin.” However, she quickly pulled him back home because she thought he wouldn’t be able to keep up with his schoolwork.

Song started taking wushu lessons as soon as he enrolled in high school because he was teased at his elementary school for “looking old.” After a year of wushu practice, he started attending Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School, where he currently holds two silver and one gold medal from wushu tournaments. After graduating from the school in 2017, he decided not to pursue a college degree and instead concentrated on his acting career.

Weilong was a model in the early years of his career. He aspired to be a martial arts celebrity, similar to Jackie Chan and Wu Jing. He once uploaded his films on websites such as Kuaishou. The actor has experience working with a wide range of brands, including Safeguard, Silk Yun, Magnum, and many more. He represents Green Chengdu Station as its green ambassador. He enjoys dancing and singing. The Dalian man was still in school and had no idea how to fight. Considering his age, he is quite grown up. Because of his maturity, he is often referred to as an elderly man. Weilong’s pale skin caused him to be teased in school. To protect himself, he desired to become a martial artist.

His mother brought him back from Shaolin Temple, fearing he would fall behind in his cultural lessons. His face is scarred as a result of this bullying incident. He is quite bashful and easily humiliated by everything. This Aries Man once suffered an injury during training and needed time in the hospital to heal. He is not the type of person to give up quickly. He enjoys playing basketball and other games. This gifted actor enjoys reading, especially fiction about martial arts. Even though he doesn’t particularly enjoy taking selfies, he does it for the fans. With his first payment, he bought clothes for his mother, clothes for his father, and necklaces and bracelets for himself. His lucky number is 7.

He just wears neat clothes; he doesn’t have a favorite style. His goal is to provide for his family. Weilong’s favorite colors are white and soft hues. The 2019 Forbes China Under 30 Elite List included him. He adores kid-sized cheese and rancid tofu. This man with brown hair is buddies with Junjie, Xiaolin, Yiqin, and EXO Sehun. In Wushu, he has one gold and two silver medals. To celebrate turning 19, he went parachute jumping. Attack on Titan, Parasitic Beasts, and One Piece are a few of his favorite anime series. He’d want to travel to Africa to witness the wildlife. It is difficult to get close to him. The 1999 man is more approachable towards those who are close to him. He is a straightforward type of person. He dislikes applying different cosmetics to his face. When they meet at the airport, people frequently think he is someone else. In addition to swimming, he loves surfing. He was once romantically involved with Lin Yun. A tall, slender girl is his ideal type.


Lin Yun, also referred to as Jelly Lin, is Song Weilong’s girlfriend. He has been a part of numerous dating stories in the past few years. Every two or three months, it seems like there is a new story trying to determine who Song Weilong’s true love is and who he is dating. He has been linked to a lot of different women, but he only acknowledged one relationship with authority. Tune Weilong is in a sincere and passionate relationship with Lin Yun (Jelly Lin). After falling madly in love while filming Beautiful Reborn Flower, they started dating. They were seen passionately kissing in the city on camera. Fans did not immediately embrace the news that Song Weilong and Lin Yun were dating. However, just as the fans were starting to get used to the idea, the two of them issued a formal statement announcing that they had split up but would still be friends.


In 2016, Song made his screen debut as the supporting role of Ying Long in the fantasy series “Ban Yao Qing Cheng” (Demon Girl), starring Jozef Waite, Zining Cheng, and Johnny Huang. The story revolves around a girl who is half-demon but is unaware of her heritage. His next role was in the romantic series “Naeil Geudaewa” (Tomorrow with You) in 2017. The show tells the story of a boy who can travel through time by train, but he returns to his timeline and marries the girl he likes after going too far in time and realizing he is alone and living an unhappy existence.

He won the 11th Tencent Video Star Award for New Male Artist of the Year as a result of receiving positive reviews for his work in the two TV shows. He received a 14th Esquire Man At His Best Award for Newcomer of the Year and an OK! The Style Award for Fashion New Idol for his modeling accomplishments. He was honored with the Men’s UNO YOUNG Award for Most Promising Idol at the end of 2017. Song started modeling in 2017 and started working with several companies, including Magnum, Safeguard, and Silk Yun.

2018 saw him play the romantic series “Untouchable Lovers” as Rong Zhi, for which he received the Lu Bai a Jury Award for Best Newcomer in a TV Series. The show centres on a woman whose life’s ambition is to overthrow the emperor. In the same year, Song made his screen debut as Nan Ji in the fantasy film “Dream Breaker,” which followed a group of youngsters as they played a video game with a real-world connection. After playing the major role of Jiang Hai in the film “Passage of My Youth,” Song began 2020 by being cast with his sister Victoria Song and Wang Yaoqing in the television series “Find Yourself.”

He also made appearances in three Chinese TV shows in 2020: “Go Ahead,” “In a Class of Her Own,” and “Beautiful Reborn Flower.” He has been chosen to portray the title role of Catman in the movie of the same name, which is scheduled for release at the end of 2020. According to “The 100 Most Influential Faces of 2020” list compiled by “TCC Asian” magazine, Song is placed #55.

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