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Start Your Computer With Voice Welcome Message

Welcome Voice Message During Logon Windows

Your Windows PC Welcomes You With Voice Message during the Windows Logon Time. You Not Need To Install Additional Software You Only Need To Paste VB Script In Notepad. It’s Very Simple.Just Follow Below Steps.

Trick To Get Welcome Voice Message After Logon Windows PC.

Steps :-

1 > First Of All Copy Following Script In Notepad.

Dim speaks, speech

speaks=”Hello Harshil, Welcome to your Computer. Please use me with care and Love.”

Set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)

speech.Speak speaks

2 > Save This File as .VBS Extension Like Speech.vbs

3 > Now Click On Start Button and Click All Programs.

4 > Then Right Click On Startup Folder and Click On Explore.

5 > Now Paste Speech.vbs File tn This Folder.

6 > Now Your Computer Speech Welcome Message During Logon Time.
Restart Your PC and Check This.

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