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Technology Trends In Online Casino Industry

Technology has been a transformational force for the business ecosystem and it has had a great impact on the casino industry as well. The birth of the online casino industry itself is a gift from technology.

Technological Trends In the Casino Industry 2020

Technological Trends Online Casino Industry

Technology has further impacted the online casino industry as well by incorporation of latest technologies into the business. The major technology trends that have impacted the online casino industry are listed below.

Improved Mobile Technologies

Majority of the gamblers today prefer phones and laptops compared to desktops because it allows them to access the casinos from any place at any time. The hardware aspect of these devices has also had an impact because of the increased ability to handle heavy online casino applications, including the apps from the non Gamstop casinos.

This has significantly improved the gaming experience and made online casinos accessible to more and more players around the world.

Digital Betting

Betting used to be a hassle before online casinos came into existence. You would have to stand in a long queue of people and there would be too much struggle in placing bets. As a result, online betting has been gaining traction.

Advanced cloud-based systems are capable of processing bets round-the-clock with least lag and this has made betting more efficient. Digitalised systems also allow easy tracking of bets and also facilitate easy retrieval of money through integration with good payment platforms.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The VR market has been booming and online casinos have been quick at trying to adopt VR into their business. Till now, online casinos were lagging behind land-based casinos in term of services. VR is a great option for providing the full experience to the players from the comfort of their homes.

AR has taken it a step further by providing capabilities to superimpose real-looking objects onto the player’s view hence improving the viewing experience of the players such as virtual live dealers at the player’s doorstep making the experience feel more real and engaging.


Cryptocurrency has been truly transformative for the payment systems across the globe. It has received a fast rate of adoption by offering fast, safe and seamless transaction. Many financial organizations have also begun to adopt cryptocurrency.


For online casinos, cryptocurrency allows a safe method for bigger transactions with minimized transaction costs. A huge cost for casinos has also been the hassle of handling huge amounts of cash.

Cryptocurrency makes it easier for casinos to store their money and hence makes it more secure compared to traditional payment methods.


Wearables are being adopted by various industries. While the hospitality industry is adopting wearables for providing customers access to services, healthcare industry is utilizing wearable to track vitals of its patients.

Online casino industry is also moving ahead with the adoption of wearables by offering the players to keep track of their games and to access their games in an easier and seamless way without even accessing their cell phones.

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