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Five Things To Consider When Buying Lamps For Your Room

If you haven’t purchased a lamp for your room, you may have ignored the healthy benefits it brings to the table. Still, there are other ways to generate a positive atmosphere in your room and it not necessarily has to do with purchasing a lamp.

Things To Consider While Choosing Lamps For Bedrooms

Buying Lamps For Your Room

However, if you do intend to get one from a reputable place such as &Tradition, here are some pointers should read about first. They might come in handy before you’re about to make a purchase.

1] Obviously, the first thing to consider is the room

If you’re buying a lamp just because someone else advised you to, don’t. Get one because it feels right with the room. You don’t want to end up purchasing one and it ends up looking like an odd addition to your room.

With that being said, before you purchase a lamp, you’ll have to take into consideration the color and style of the room before settling on your purchase. Will it stand out and will it decorate the entire area? Will it be able to blend in with the surroundings?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself. If yes, then you can read on more to find out what other things need to be considered.

2] The light itself

Another factor to consider is how much light you’ll actually require and when it needs to be illuminated. If you have plenty of lights mounted in holders in every corner, chances are you don’t any additional light in your room.

However, if you’re doing some important work and the lamp needs to stay on during the night, then it’s a good idea to purchase a lamp. This is especially important if you’re married, or share the room with someone else.

Your roommate or your partner will certainly not appreciate all corners being lit up when it’s time to sleep, so investing in a lamp will be important for this type of situation.

3] The size of the bulb

If you don’t need sufficient lighting in your room, you can settle for a 2-inch or even a 3-inch bulb. This should provide you with adequate illumination, particularly if you have to work late at night and all the other lights have been turned off.

The size of the bulb

These days, modern-day lighting solutions can provide you with bulbs that have several hues to them, so depending on your mood, you can switch the color of your bulb using your smartphone when the occasion asks for it.

4] The base of the lamp

This should be looked at from a visual ‘point of view’ rather than a convenience standpoint. Of course, you’ll need to decide if the base of the lamp isn’t absurdly large to the extent that it will take up a large space on your desk.

It also doesn’t need to be extremely small, as it will cause severe balancing issues when you attempt to tilt the bulb in a certain position.

5] Size of the lamp

While everyone has a personal preference, this will be a little tricky to tackle. We understand that you might have a certain taste, but here’s what you should know. Lamps do come in the most unusual of sizes, but here are some rules you can follow to get the most out of your purchase.

The design shouldn’t be obnoxious to the point where it’s the only thing in your room that looks exceptionally odd. It also shouldn’t be tall so that you have to use an entire arm to tilt the bulb’s position in your direction. Also, there should be a ‘simple to reach’ on/off switch that you can comfortably reach.

Remember though, at the end of the day, these are just guidelines, so your own preference will top all of these suggestions.

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