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Tips for Horse Racing Bettors

Horse racing can be a fascinating show and even bring profits if you know the sport details thoroughly. Most of the betting tips described on boil down to precisely that. Let’s dive deeper into the world of Horse racing bets and what you need to know to be successful in them.

Tips for Horse Racing

Types of Horse Racing Bets

Let’s figure out what types of bets bookmakers typically offer to the players to use betting strategies on horse racing.

  1. Winner. The winner will be credited if you indicate the horse that comes to the finish line first.
  2. Prize place. To win, the selected participant must be in the top three. The coefficient in this option is less than in the first.
  3. Double or triple forecast. It is necessary to name two or three horses that will take the highest places. There is a strict and combined forecast. In the first option, you need to indicate the order of the leaders’ finish. In the second, it’s just their names.
  4. Who is higher. The bookmaker offers pairs, and you choose which horse will show the best result.
  5. SP (starting price). A variety of “Winner” bet option. The current coefficient is not visible. The checkout will take the quote at the start of the race into account.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

“Follow the money” Horse Racing Betting Strategy.

The strategy that is popular in horse betting called “follow the money”. It is one of the types of underdog bets. Track how the bookmaker quotes change in the racecards. If the odds are noticeably lower on one of the recorded outsiders, then a lot of money has been bet on him.

In this case, it makes sense to bet that the top three will include the initial outsider. Let us say, five hours before the start of the competition, the coefficient for a horse’s victory was 19.00, and an hour before it’s only 11.00. She took third place. A player could make such a bet with an odd of 3.00.

Horse Racing Betting Strategy

What Strategies to Use on Horse Racing.

Observe the following criteria when using one of the described above strategies.

  1. Ratio of the horse’s age to distance it covered. Young horses up to five years old show themselves better in short races: 1400-1600 meters. For long distances from 2400 meters, the favourites are often horses over five years old.
  2. Horse parameters. Analyse current results, pause from the last tournament, weight, handling, age.
  3. A jockey weight, experience, career success, recent results.
  4. Stable and trainer. Consider the authority of the organisation and the reputation of the trainer who introduced the horse.
  5. Weather conditions. Air temperature and humidity, pressure, wind strength and direction, cloudiness.

Where to Find Information to Make Bets on Horse Racing.

It isn’t easy to independently analyse each race with more than ten participants. To increase the chances of making a profit when betting on horse racing, read the specialised publications of the countries that hold the tournaments. For example, in Australia, it’s Racing Australia, UK issues Racing Post, USA – Horse Racing Nation, etc.

They are available online today. Such publications often give advice and analytical forecasts of well-known experts. By using them, you increase the chances of succeeding.

But no horse racing betting strategy is a win-win. In this sport, the success of betting is due to the experience and awareness of the player. Please be patient if you want to become a successful horse betting player.

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