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Top 4 Uses to A Word Unscrambler Tool

A word unscrambler tool can be a real blessing for those that love to play word games like Scrabble, Words with Friends, TextTwist, etc.

Uses to A Word Unscrambler Tool

This simple to use tool takes jumbled up letters and decodes them to generate a list of all possible words that can be made with that given set of letters. Let us look at the top four uses of a word unscrambler tool.

Word-Game Domination

Stuck on a level on your word game or just can’t figure out what word you can make in a game of scrabble. Don’t fry your brain trying to come up with a word simply use a Word Unscrambler tool and get past those tough levels and opponents.

Cheat your way past levels that have you stumped and increase your vocabulary and English in the process. For Scrabble players, especially, the ability to unscramble words is a real blessing as it allows them to make the best words with what the letters they have been dealt with and improve their overall game.

Enhance Your Vocabulary

Want to improve your English skills or vocabulary? Before the internet came along a game of Scrabble was the only way one could test their wordplay and spelling skills.

However, you were always limited by the amount of knowledge available to you and had to play within those restraints but now with tools like unscrambler, you will never be stuck on a move. Learning new words along with their meaning can not only improve your game but also enhance your English speaking and writing skills.

Find Hidden Words & Clues

Unscrambler is also a great tool for puzzle solving in order to find words that start or end with particular letters, include certain letters or are anagrams to a hidden clue or word. With an unscrambler tool, you get all the possible choices giving you the best chance at solving a quiz question or puzzle in no time.

No need to go through pages after pages of a dictionary. Simply use Word unscrambler and find those hidden words and clues you have been struggling to decipher.

Create Puzzles & Games Of Your Own

Using the unscrambler tool and anagram builder you can make quiz questions for a fun game with family at home or for friends at the pub.

Create Puzzles

This versatile tool is great at finding those obscure words and anagrams that make for some truly interesting quiz questions that will be real brain teasers for those around you.


The word unscrambler tool is great for enhancing your wordplay skills as well as improving your overall vocabulary and English skills.

Use it for fun to create new pseudonyms and aliases for your name or use it to beat a tough opponent or level in your word game.

We recommend trying Unscrambled-Words or or UnscrambleX as some of the best tools to help you discover and unscramble new words. They will not only make you a much better Scrabble or Word with Friends player, they will improve your vocabulary.

A versatile and easy to use tool that has many advantages. Best of all its free to use which makes it one of the best wordplay learning tools available on the market.

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