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How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You are now up with your blog and it’s a perfect time to create a social marketing plan to drive traffic. Though it is not an easy task and many of us even struggle through the same knowing that what actually it is and even we have to build the same alone too, but it is easy to put your actions on all the social networks. Putting it in simpler terms, I can say that your every action which you take on any social networking website will be going to be a part of your media marketing strategy.

This particularly means that every comment or like or reply or a tweet must be guided by a plan as well as driving towards the goals which are already pre-determined. Though it sounds little complicated, but all your social efforts will naturally follow after creating a comprehensive plan for social media.

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog/Website

How to Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Driving traffic to your blog using social media is really easy only if you have the correct approach. It is important to learn the social media marketing strategy plan, so just for all of you I have made a 6-step plan which you can follow to create your own. But before starting with it, I would like to brief about what is a social media marketing plan actually is. It is particularly a summary of everything which you plan as well as hope to achieve them for the future of your business.

Social Media Marketing Tips to Drive Traffic to Blog

This is a basic plan which should feature an audit for all the accounts, goals which need to be achieved as well as the tools which are needed. The more specific your plan will be, the more effective will be its implementation. You need to make it concise and in such a manner that it is attainable easily and effectively.

I. Plan and create the objectives and goals

Establishing the social media marketing objectives and goals is the very first major step which will help in allowing you to react quickly when all the social media campaigns do not meet the goals. Without objectives and goals, you will have no means of judging the success of your business and a proof of your investment’s returns.

II. Conducting a social media audit

While beginning with the creation of the social media marketing plan, it is important to assess the current usage of social media by your business as well as how it is working, i.e. is it meeting your expectations or not. This significantly requires that who is actually connected with you and your business through social media and how is your online presence is compared with the competitors. Once, after conducting an audit, it will give you a clear picture of all the social accounts which your business is representing.

III. Improving or creating the social media accounts

create social media accounts

Creating social media accounts

After auditing your accounts, it is right time to create your social media accounts to make your online presence better. It is the time to choose the best networks, which can meet your goals and if you already have your social media accounts, then improve them by making few broader goals and keeping about the audience in mind.

IV. Get the inspiration about social media from clients, industry leaders and competitors

The most important to have the best social media presence is because your audience has been already active, which means that even your competitors are active. This is not so comforting, but it significantly means that the sufficient knowledge is already available which can help you in integrating your business with the social media marketing plan. So, it makes equally important for you to make your competitors, your inspiration when it comes about social media engagement.

V. Creating of editorial calendar and a content plan

For a success in social media, it is important to have a great content and thus, the social media marketing strategy must include strategies for content creation as well as the content marketing plan with an editorial calendar. The content marketing plan must be created by answering these questions:

  • Type of content intends to post as well as promote using social media
  • How often to post the content
  • Target audience with each content type
  • Who will create the content
  • How the content will be promoted

Moreover, your editorial calendar must include the dates and schedules for posting the messages or blogs and posts during the social media campaign.

VI. Testing, evaluating and adjusting the social media marketing plan

For finding the adjustments with the social media marketing plan, it is important to test as well as evaluate the same before. While taking actions on the social media networks, you need to build the testing capabilities for tracking the links.

So, This is the 6-step to Use social media marketing plan which can help you in driving traffic to your website. You just need to remember that it is important to constantly change the plan because new networks emerge and a change in the marketing plan will help in achieving goals easily and through an effective way. 😀

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  • After Organic traffic, Social Media traffic is the best way to get traffic.

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    Really a great post. I love to read a good and interesting stuff which you have.This is kind of information that I had been looking for. Thanks for sharing with the readers. Keep it up.

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  • Hi,

    Really a great post. I love to read a good and interesting stuff which you have.This is kind of information that I had been looking for. Thanks for sharing with the readers. Keep it up.

    Jerry Everett