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The Link between Local Search Engine Optimization and Reputations

Almost every business now also has an online presence. Or at least, it should have. If a negative review were to appear online about that business, it suddenly becomes clear that an online reputation is incredibly important. Very few businesses, however, understand the strong link between reputation management and their local SEO (search engine optimization) efforts. In fact, they often don’t realize it until they are hit by the damaging effects of a negative review. Luckily, help is out there.

The Local Search Engine Optimization and Reputations

Link between Local Search Engine Optimization and Reputations

Local Search Engine Optimization and Reputations

The Importance of Reputation Management

The impact a single negative review can have is absolutely huge. The internet is a global place where anybody can find anything and nothing is hidden anymore. The problem is that the internet is also open and wholly unregulated. This means a competitor who is worried, an ex-employee with a grudge, or a customer who simply loves to complain can all spread rumors about a business, whether these rumors are true or false. This has the potential to shatter a business’ online reputation and could effectively mean the demise of that business. Because Google now places an emphasis on local SEO, it is increasingly easy to find these negative reviews.

How to Find a Good Consultant

It is recommended that businesses ask themselves and their potential consultants a number of pertinent questions in order to find someone who is most suited to manage both their reputation and their local SEO. These questions include:

  • Is the consultant able to come up with a range of strategies and solutions that will rapidly push the negative reviews away?
  • Is the consultant experienced enough to choose a strategy that will actually work?
  • Will the consultant follow up on their work so that a business is always aware of the content that exists about them on the internet?
  • How will the consultant link their work in with local SEO

The consultant must also be an expert, as they are knowledgeable on how to get certain information – the positive reviews in this case – to the first page of Google. In so doing, they make positive pages more popular than negative ones and they focus on doing this in local results. Their job, realistically, is twofold. On the one hand, they must work on positive information that is out there and making this easy to find. On the other hand, they must be able to identify negative information and come up with ways to make this harder to find.

Choosing a consultant is down to understanding the strategies that they intend to employ. They must be able to make a thorough and correct assessment of a business’ current reputation and know how to find out what information currently exists in the online stratosphere. Businesses should also take the time to frequently meet with their consultants so that they can understand what efforts have been made and how successful these efforts have been. Deciding which consultant to work with is not a decision that should be made overnight. 😀

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