5 Uses of Construction Timelapse Videos

Those one-minute long internet videos that you may have seen on your feeds, showing you how a house is built from start to finish, are called time lapse videos.

These are becoming popular because of how effective they are for compressing hours, days, weeks, or even months of scenes into just a few minutes. These days, time lapse is the way to go for showing off your creations.

Construction Time Lapse Videos

While this technique has been used to create videos creating artworks, crafts, and environmental events, they are also excellent tools for construction companies. Here are a few of the many uses of a construction time lapse video.

1] Show off.

Time-lapse videos are commonly used to animatedly showcase the various stages of a particular project. In a minute, you can show off how you started your vision and ended with perfection.

While before and after still photos can also be impressive, a video that shows how a house or building was created from scratch can provide a riveting experience.

2] Keep track of progress.

With the use of pictures taken automatically at regular intervals, time-lapse videos make it possible to track the changes and progress of each level of construction. These videos also allow you to check your team’s efficiency with how fast they can finish a certain portion of the project.

Many times, strengths and weaknesses of your construction team can be glaringly evident in these videos, allowing you to troubleshoot and make improvements in your workflow.

3] Documentation.

If you are a newbie in the construction business, you would want to document your work as they can be used as your guide in future projects. If you are also feeling a little sentimental, a timelapse of your first ever project may be a souvenir worth keeping.

You can maintain a more complete portfolio of your projects by going beyond just photos and including timelapse videos as well. You may even choose to keep timelapse videos of varying lengths as each one may be useful for different purposes.

4] Advertisement.

With the proliferation of social media sites that allow the users to share various pictures and videos, a timelapse video is a wonderful and powerful advertising tool with minimal to no expenses.


As discussed above, a construction timelapse video can be a great way to show off what your company can do – why not use the same videos to market and advertise your services as well.

If a prospective client sees your video and likes the result of your work, then you just had a new project and bagged a new client without batting an eyelash, right?

5] Fast forward.

Because some people have a short attention span, a 40-minute video showing off how you started from scratch and finished with a mansion is a no-no. With time-lapse, it’s as if you are taking the viewer or client to a time machine as he watches the video unfold before his eyes.

While showing a client an architect drawing of their project helps them see the final product, timelapse videos of similar projects you’ve done before will help them visualize what you have in store for them.

A tip for those considering time-lapse construction videos, make sure to edit your video flawlessly and perfectly before putting them out there for everyone to see. A poorly edited time-lapse video may backfire and drive clients away instead of running into your open arms.

Lucky for you, there are tutorials that will teach you how to create a timelapse that will result in videos looking like they are professionally made. You just need to pack on with some patience and a few doses of creative juices.

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