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Vyapari App – ERP Based GST Compliance and Invoicing Application

The recently launched GST regime or the Goods and Services Tax has been one of the formidable taxation changes in India. It has been helpful in replacing the complex tax structure existing before of multiple tax authorities and return formats with a single taxation system of multiple slabs. GST provides a simple answer to the web of issues faced previously by businesses.

Vyapari App

However, have you ever been disturbed and annoyed with the formalities/ requirements and found yourself lost meeting them? Vyapari App can be your best companion in that sphere.

The taxation reforms in the form of GST has been a game-changer. However, if you are a small scale and medium scale enterprises, the compliance to the GST regime can be a real burden. Though taxation has been streamlined and made easy and simple, the compliance can be a huge difficulty.

GST needs you to handle and manage all inward and outward movements efficiently, and that isn’t an easy task. You need to have a specially appointed manpower to handle and maintain all those tasks. That is where a capable option in the form of Vyapari App comes quite handy.

1] What is Vyapari App?

Vyapari app is a GST compliance app that can be a sigh of relief for the owners of small scale and medium scale industries in complying with all the requirements of GST. Brought to you by Logo Infosoft, it can be helpful in creating tax invoices, and availing input tax credit which are completely compliant with GST.

Vyapari App Interface

Not only invoices and other documents, but you will also be able to get the real-time GST data and other requisite information want for decision making and effective management of working capital. In fact, you should also be able to create instant monthly, quarterly or even annual GSTR reports.

2] What makes it a good choice?

Well, there are several features that would make it one of the preferred options for GST compliance. To begin with, it is free and one of the top-end free GST Solution initiatives endorsed by the GSTN, India. There are several advantages that it offers you. In fact, you can register as an individual or a business on the app.

You can even let your tax / accounting professional register on the app and you, as a business owner, can offer permission to your tax / accounting professional to perform the tasks for you.

Some of the features worth mentioning with respect to the Vyapari app would include.

1) Automatic Invoicing functionality 

You can enable the software to pick a sales order and generates a sales invoice automatically. Simple functionality will help you create your invoices and purchase orders that ensure a real-time compliance.

Automatic Invoicing functionality

1) Compatibility with multiple platforms 

The app is accessible from the website and lets you create the GST compliant documents without hiccups. The online application is complemented by the versions designed for Android operating systems.

That should ideally simplify your tasks and let you work out with ease, even on the move. Any updates you do on any of the platforms will sync with your account and will be visible on all devices.

2) A combined ERP and App performance 

The application has spent enough time and efforts in understanding the financial regulations and has developed the app to strictly in a streamlined manner. Every task and report including sales invoices, purchase orders, dispatches and all the financial transactions.

Apart from those features that make it one of the preferred choices for an improved experience of GST invoicing and other compliance reports, there are a few other pointers that can make it one of the great options to work with.

The best part that we found impressive with the tool is that it does not let you make an incorrect entry into the software. If you tend to make any incorrect entry, you will end up getting an error message. The single-user application is free to use, while you will need to opt for a subscription based service if there are more users who will be using the service.

The video below should provide you a better idea on how to work through an efficient  functionality of Vyapari app.

3] Why opt for Vyapari App?

In essence, the Vyapari GST Compliance software should be a perfect option for meeting all your needs. Keep track of everyone of your sales and purchase invoices and generate GSTR for any of the periods you would want to.

Availability of website, Android and iOS versions is what makes it a great choice from the flexibility point of view. If you have a Chartered Accountant taking care of your GST compliance, the app lets you authorise the CA on your behalf to handle the requisite compliance.

The options are available to avoid the commonly possible human errors, which is yet another added advantage. Since the app comes undated with everything that GSTN specifies, you will end up with practically no errors at all.

If you are an SME or MSME, Vyapari app should be a perfect option for all your needs in working with GST compliance. That should include the GSTR generation as well.

Vyapari App

The option available for avoiding the incorrect data is what would go a long way in promoting the service quality further ahead.

4] GSTN aims at offering free software

GSTN has been leaving no stone unturned to make GST compliance a success. From that point of view, the GSTN has been looking for options to introduce the free software on its interface and make them available for free.

The initiative is aimed at helping out micro,  small and medium enterprises that have a turnover of Rs. 1.5 Crores and less. The software will be available for active taxpayers, SEZ Developers/SEZ Units. It is also available for those users who have opted for the composite scheme under the GST regime.

The service has enabled and opted for eight select software options for download on its website. Of the eight software options endorsed by the GSTN, Vyapari app is one of the proud entries.

The services will be available both as cloud based option or a downloadable version as well. These software options have been designed for helping you perform day to day functionalities of billing and accounting. More than 80 Lakh MSMEs that have less than 1.5 Crores are expected to benefit from the initiative that GSTN has taken up.

The council had held a meeting in January 2019 and decided to provide options for free accounting and billing software. This has been brought into reality recently and is one of the service providers endorsed by the GSTN, Vyapari App has been an excellent option for your needs. The endorsements from GSTN should be what makes it one of the best software options for your GST compliance.

In Conclusion

Vyapari App is an excellent option for simplifying the process involved in calculating taxes and filing of GST returns. Keep track of all the GST needs and get the best out of your compliance status. Of course, the app is quite new and may have a few issues. We would look ahead to improvements and enhancements in the days to come.

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  • Nice information about gstr 3b , The GSTR 3B form is a self declared return attested by the govt of India and is a summary return form for all the normal taxpayers. It includes all the purchase & sales total value. The GSTR 3B due date is near and one must keep in check the date and file the return as soon as possible.