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Top 5 Most Trending Music Streaming Apps

The popularity of music streaming apps is immensely growing since its inception. Before music streaming apps people used to buy CDs or cassettes to store different melodies because back then the internet bandwidth was quite low and it was impractical to share songs over the internet.

Best Free Music Apps – Stream Music Anywhere

Best Music Streaming Mobile Apps


From gramophones and radio to instant music streaming apps, the experience of listening to music has transformed a lot. JioSaavn is a music app which you can also use to stream online music across different genres. If you’re looking for such music streaming apps with the best features read below.

1] Spotify 

Recently launched in India in March, Spotify has now become one of the popular music streaming app. Its unique feature is its ‘Daily mix’ playlists which includes all the songs based on the genre which the user regularly listens to. For more enriched experience it also recommends songs that fit the same vibe of your mix.

‘Genius’, which has a vast collection of song lyrics has collaborated with Spotify for the ‘View lyrics’ feature of Spotify. There are thousands of podcasts available on Spotify across different genres. All these features of Spotify are free but not ad-free. To get uninterrupted music streaming you will need to get the premium subscription.

Spotify for Android

Spotify for iOS

2] JioSaavn

JioSaavn by Reliance Jio has over 45 million songs across all the genres and languages. If you are on a Jio network, you can listen to unlimited music on JioSaavn and also you can create personalized playlists for a customized experience.

Along with an enormous music library, they have exclusive content, original shows, and podcasts too. If you are a Jio subscriber, you can get all these top-notch features of JioSaavn Pro for a free trial period of 90 days. All you need to do is make an online recharge for your Jio 4G SIM card.

JioSaavn for Android

JioSaavn for iOS

3] Gaana

Gaana has a collection of over 30 million songs across Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and many other regional languages. For an immersive experience like Spotify, even Gaana has the feature where you can view lyrics. It aims to provide engaging and fresh content to a user based on their listening history.

Depending on your mood you can explore songs through the discover section. If you subscribe to Gaana Plus you can download unlimited songs for offline listening.

Gaana for Android

Gaana for iOS

4] Wynk Music

Airtel owned music streaming app Wynk Music offers an expert-curated library of over 3 million songs. Unlike other apps, it also works as an MP3 player and also supports Chrome cast. It claims that even with slow internet speeds you can stream music online.

It has a collection of all songs from the latest Bollywood hits to International artists. You can create playlists of your favorite songs and share them with your friends and family.

Wynk for Android

Wynk for iOS

5] Amazon Prime Music 

The Amazon Prime Music is a part of Amazon’s Prime subscription. This app also has voice-enabled features which makes it easier to use. The famous Alexa assistant is also built into this app to give hands-free accessibility.

It has a collection of all songs from retro classics to the latest EDM hits. You can play music across any device like Amazon Echo speaker, Amazon Fire TV stick, etc.

With the evolution in the ways we listen to music brought by such song downloading app, now people can download and share songs more conveniently and quickly.

The kind of music created has been changing a lot as each generation passes by. With different generations, the type of music has changed and so have the ways of listening to music.

Amazon Prime Music for Android

Amazon Prime Music for iOS

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