What Will Cars Look Like In 2030?

The car of the future is just a big of an issue today as it was thirty or forty years ago. We are still imagining what the future will look like for our most popular mean of transportation, with the difference that the projects today don’t imagine flying cars, but rather more efficient ones.

What Cars Will Look Like in 2030: Futurecar

Producers today think about fuel consumption, types of power, and more aerodynamic lines. We’re also considering that the car of the future will have a mind of its own and that full ownership may not be the only way to have a car at your disposal. Truck&Gear is the major online source of high-quality replacement and performance auto parts and accessories for your truck, car, or SUV.

There are many ideas out there, and we gathered the most realistic ones to keep you up to date with how the future may look like someday.

#1: The Self-Driving Car

The idea of a self-driving car is very popular these days and there are several teams working on this project. Tesla is the company that managed to create a system that gets close to the idea, but there are still lots of problems to cover. For now, the car drives by itself, but still needs the driver to be actively present and keep their hands on the wheel.

The benefits of such as system are huge and spread on a wide range of activities. First, there will be no more accidents and the number of deaths and injuries in traffic will be reduced to zero. This would be a huge improvement if we consider that in 2013, 1713 people were killed in traffic accidents in the UK.

Besides this, self-driving cars will reduce traffic jams, will consume less, and will make transportation a lot more comfortable.

#2: Softer Shapes

Softer Shapes

Even though today’s cars implement curves and softer shapes (in comparison with the cars of the past), they are still bulky. The car of the future is supposed to follow the sweet, soft lines we find in nature, and we’ll be able to do so due to new car materials that make cars more resistant and lighter.

#3: Different Registration Procedures

Our current registration process is heavily based on the sense of ownership, but the future may be different. Right now, the concept of timeshare gains in popularity and allows several people to share one car. They all pay for it and participate in maintenance, and they can use it whenever they need it according to schedule. This works great for people who only use a personal car occasionally.

Now, if the concept gains more momentum, we may combine it with the dvla plates trend and improve the registration process. Private plates allow a group of people, who own a car together, find a unique and interesting mark for their car. It’s also a way to make the registration process more pleasant.

#4: The Communication

Right now, the only way to communicate with the car is through the main panel. But for the future, producers want to offer us a special communication system that knows when you’re close and greets you accordingly.

Of course, the heart and soul of a new car will be an artificial intelligence program that can offer diverse solutions to your problems in traffic.

#5: The Luxurious Interior

For the cars that will be personally owned, the interior will be luxurious and will focus on keeping the passengers very comfortable. The seats will be able to change their orientation and position, and the general atmosphere will be oriented towards elegance and style.

You will no longer have to wear a key as the new cars will have a biometric identification sensor. Even more, we won’t need buttons or touch controls as everything will be voice activated. Thanks to the AI mentioned above, we will be able to have natural conversations with the car’s system and ask it to do all kind of things.

#6: The Smart Car

Smart Cars

The car will no longer be an inanimate object that needs driving around as it will be able to perform tasks by itself. For instance, you’ll get in the car and simply tell it you want to go to work. This will be enough for the car to choose the optimum route based on traffic reports and start driving without any assistance from you.

Once you arrive, the car will drop you off and head towards the nearest charging station where it will wait to be called by you.

Overall, the car of the future sounds quite amazing and we can’t wait to see it happen! 🙂

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