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How to Comment Effectively On Blogs To Drive Heavy Traffic To Your Site

How to Comment for Drive Traffic to your Site


It is very essential for every blogger to know the importance of commenting and the benefits of it. By commenting on other blogs and websites you can get a back link and most probably it will be no follow back link to your site. The more you comment on other sites and blogs, the more back links you will be getting. So, by getting back links to your blog from various websites you can actually improve your Page Rank and can drive huge traffic to your site.

How to Comment for Drive Traffic to your Site

Till here everyone knows the matter and blindly comments on a number of articles without even thinking how that would be helpful to you in SEO. Back Links will definitely improve the Page Rank and traffic but not all the times. You should be clever enough in utilising this commenting for driving traffic as well as increasing Page Rank.

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So, here in this article I will reveal some of my techniques regarding the commenting on various websites.

How To Comment:

Actually Commenting is an art that should be learned by applying a little common sense. Every blogger should learn how to comment on a particular article in an effective way. Here I will give some the ways on how to comment on other blogs.

Share your view:

When you have decided to comment on an article, the first thing you have to do is “reading the full article thoroughly” and have at least a vague idea of it. Now take 1 point in the article which you know perfectly and share your view or any personal experience about that.

Sharing your view on at least 1 Point of the article will definitely impress the author and your comment will be approved definitely.

Add Valid Points:

When you have read an article in which you are perfect i.e., a topic in which you have a very clear idea. Then you can add a valid point if the author has missed out any. This will not only attract the author but also attracts the other persons who comment on the same article. You will be established well in their minds as you have pointed out something which is missed by the author.

Build The Discussion:

In order increase your reputation in the field of blogging and to get into the eyes of other bloggers, you should always comment to build a discussion i.e., you can even reply to comment on an article if he/she asks a doubt through a comment. Building the discussions always help you in online forums also.

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Ask The Doubts:

If you have really read an article and thinking to apply that method or process illustrated in it, then you can ask your genuine doubt to the author through your comment. The doubt should not be silly or simple because the author may think you are asking the doubt only to get a link. So, ask a genuine doubt otherwise leave it but don’t waste your time commenting on that because it will not be approved by the author.

How to Comment for Drive Traffic to your Site

Where To Comment

Now that you have learned how to comment, you should learn where to comment and on what blogs you have to comment.
In order to get quality back links, you need to concentrate on two things 1.High PR pages and 2.Comment Luv enabled blogs.

1. High PR pages:

This is the most intelligent technique in order to improve the Page Rank of the various pages of your site. In order to have huge traffic everyone knows that it should have a nice Page Rank. But there is a thing that is not knows by most of the bloggers regarding commenting. Well, today you will be going to know that.

If you have written an article on “guest posting”, search for sites which rank high with the key word “guest posting”. Then you comment on that article in an effective way giving link to your article of guest posting which you have already written. This increases the Page Rank of that particular page and increases the traffic to your article.

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2. Comment Luv Enabled Blogs:

The other important place where you have to comment is on the blogs which are using comment luv enabled. There you can actually give direct link to one of your latest 10 articles of your blog. And if you are active on a particular site where comment luv is enabled, you will be getting a do follow link if a minimum number of your comments are approved by the author on that site.

So, How to do Comment Effectively on Others Blog to Drive Heavy Traffic to your Blog or Site. Here We Share a Ideas for Driving Traffic by Commenting on others blog. Enjoy and Share with your Friends and Don’t Forget to Comment below.

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