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A Guide to Kayaking With Your Dog

Kayaking is without a doubt a fantastic sport. We plan on going kayaking with friends, and family, or even alone. But have you considered kayaking with your dog? Dogs are man’s best friends. But we understand the concerns attached to this idea.

How to Kayak With Your Dog

Guide to Kayaking With Your Dog

In this guide, we have all your concerns covered. even the pre kayaking measures to what to do if your dog jumps into the water, this guide will help you to deal with every problem that you may come across while kayaking with your dog.

Prepare your dog

Just like humans, dogs have their instincts. While some feel may comfortable around water, some may be scared when exposed to water. So, before you start, make sure your dog feels comfortable in the water.

Lack of proper training can cause hassle and safety issues for everyone sitting in the kayak. So, Your dog must follow your commands to have an amazing kayaking trip. Here are a few tips to better prepare you and your dog.

Teach your dog some basic commands

Simple commands like “sit”, “stay”, “lay down”, etc. are important for your dog to learn. This is the most important step to master before heading out onto the water with your dog.

Practice kayaking with your dog on dry land

Practicing on dry land will familiarize your dog with the kayak and make him comfortable while sitting in it. Once you feel comfortable, you can take your dog to some nearby pond or lake with calm waters and a steady course.

If your dog loves water but is not too familiar with the kayak, allow your dog to sniff around and climb into the kayak from the comfort of your home.

Sailing is a great way to take your dog out

Another great sport that’s taking off is kayak sailing, there are many different ways to enjoy kayaking with your dog but sailing is one of the hottest and coolest new ways. When you sail with your dog you can dedicate more time to being with your pet rather than paddling, as a kayak sail can move the kayak on its own.

We have a link to some examples of great sails for when you want to take the kayak out at

Practice swimming

Jump in the pool with your dog regularly. Teach your dog how to swim so that he can make his way to the shore in case he jumps or falls into the water while kayaking.

Getting the right kayak

Kayaking with your dog is a popular trend. There are many options for kayaks in today’s market to choose from. A boat with a wide and flat bottom along with a large cockpit is an ideal option for you and your dog.

He or she can be accommodated comfortably as it has plenty of space. Also, this type of kayaks is easy to balance. Below is a list of the best types of kayaks.

Sit-on-top kayaks

These kayaks are designed with an open deck and plenty of space for accommodating your dog. Also, they have easy entry and exits and do not fill up with water if you flip.

Inflatable kayaks

Inflatable kayaks have high walls so to prevent your dog from jumping overboard. They are made of durable materials to help prevent unwanted punctures. They also have double or triple layers in the deck area.

Tandem kayaks

Tandem kayaks have spacious seats, giving more space for your hound.


Now that there are two riders on your kayaking trip, you will need to make sure that you have appropriate gear for your best friend. Some supplies to pack are mentioned below.

Extra towels

Some extra towels packed in your dry sack are essential if you or your dog fall into the water. You can even opt for a dog towel which dries off a little more quickly.


Even if your dog knows how to swim, it is always a great idea to have a dog-friendly life jacket. Kayaking involves some unpredictable situations and so, a personal flotation device for you and your dog ensures safety for both of you.

A pad to lie down

A pad placed on the bottom of the kayak will create a more comfortable experience for your dog. It can also act as an indicator for your dog to know where to stay.


To make sure that your dog is happy while kayaking, pack some treats and toys so that your dog can play and enjoy the trip. Floating toys are a great option.

Take it slow

If you want your dog to love kayaking and enjoy it as much as you do, start with small tours. For instance, you can set off on the shallow end of the water. Start small trips while slowly paddling and familiarizing your dog with the world of kayaking.

Being your dog’s best friend, only you can read your dog’s gestures. Keep an eye on your dog’s expressions to know if he’s loving kayaking or feels in any way panicked while being in the water. The key to having an amazing kayaking experience with your dog is consistent training and practice.

What to do if your dog jumps in the water

There might be two reasons for your dog jumping in the water. Either he loves the water so much or he is uncomfortable in the kayak.

If your dog falls in the water, trying to pull him back into the boat is not a good idea unless it’s a pup. So paddle back to the shore and try again.

Kayaking is a healthy and thrilling adventure sport to enjoy the great outdoors. Both you and your dog will bond through this experience. The key is persistent practice and patience.

Your dog will not be comfortable with the kayak in a day. Go slowly and steadily while taking up short trips in shallow and calm waters.

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