How Can You Protect Data From Cyber-Criminals?

The last two decades have witnessed the best of technological innovation. Things we never thought were possible a few years ago are now a reality. From robots cleaning homes to customising cancer vaccines, technology has made the impossible, possible. The demand for new gadgets, devices, technologies is more than ever.

Cyber Crime Prevention Tips

Alexa and other smart interactive AI devices have become a household companion and, with each day, there is an innovation making big news.

However, with the good, the bad follows and, with innovation the instances of a data breach also intensified. Recently a gang of Russian hackers, claimed that they have access to 500 million email addresses along with the name and password.

Sounds scary, Right! This is by far the largest amount of data stolen in the history of cyber-attacks. In the past, a lot of Fortune 500 companies have lost millions of dollars in the hands of cyber-attacks.

You will be amazed to know that companies like Adobe, Canva. eBay, LinkedIn, Yahoo ad Marriott have been subject to the worst cyber-attacks.

However, behind each of these attacks, there was a loophole, Adobe has weak SHA-1 algorithm, due to which it became easy for the hackers to steal customer data gathered in 20 years. Thus, if systems are not strongly secured then you are inviting danger.

Agree or not, hackers are always one step ahead of us, thus, to avoid these attacks, here are three things you must take care off.

Do not use free Wi-Fi spots without VPN

Every company needs to train their employees on internet security protocols. It is important for everyone using the IT infrastructure to know what to and what to never do on the official systems.

To avoid data theft, the first step is to avoid using public Wi-Fi spots while accessing, company network or critical official documents. These free spots are places where hackers are continuously eavesdropping.

The best thing to do is to provide a VPN service that can encrypt the employee’s data, while they are using a freeware. Encryption will ensure that the data is safe and inaccessible by the dangerous reach of the hackers.

Remember, using public Wi-Fi without a VPN is as good as writing down your passwords and handing them to the hackers. So, get a VPN and enjoy, free access to VPN, anywhere in the world. Use the internet to watch Abema TV in China or Netflix in Korea with a VPN that can make everything possible, without compromising your security.

Use the Password Manager tool

A lot has been spoken, about the importance of creating strong passwords. Make your passwords less obvious, use special characters and keep different passwords for different accounts. All these above tricks are important but are useless without the password manager.

Password managers just do not store passwords, but they also help you create a strong and impossible to guess passwords.

So, every time you logon to a website,  pull your password and copy-paste it. So, this way all your passwords will be unique, and you don’t even need to remember them. Strong passwords will create more difficulty for hackers and thus increase your security levels.

Use a paid VPN for remote working

Free Wi-fi spots are dangerous but even the paid ones cannot guarantee 100% security. Our Internet service providers are also watching over our data and selling it to the advertisers and banks.

Thus, to maximise data privacy, you need a strong security protocol that only a paid VPN can provide. A VPN service will ensure that you are safe on any network. The VPN hides your IP address and the location of your system and prevents it from being misused by any third-party intervention.

The Bottom Line

Irrespective of the size of the business, every company must use the most updated internet security tools to ensure that even the world’s best hackers find it difficult to steal data.

Data is not a collection of names and password; they signify trust that the customers put on brands and compromising on their trust is the biggest, loss of any company. Technology can be an added investment, but the value it delivers is priceless. Get a VPN and other security tools and give your business a secure edge.

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