How Can Keylogger Help Parents Make Sure Kids are Safe Online?

As the Internet and digital technologies become more accessible, children start using the Internet at a much younger age than a decade ago.

According to a study, at the age of 7 most children have some experience of exploring the Internet on their own. Parents should be aware of the possible dangers that their little one can encounter online whether it is pornography, violent videos or racist slurs.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online (Keylogger)

How Can Keylogger Help Parents Make Sure Kids are Safe Online?

A Free Alternative to Expensive Online Trackers

More and more parents buy online trackers and computer spies to be alert to the potential risks their kids might face. You can also download free software to keep dangers at bay. REFOG is one of the best free keyloggers. It follows your child’s activities by making a record of all they keystrokes and entries made on line, keeps track of the full browsing history and takes screenshots of the computer on which your child works.

It also captures chats and messengers and sends a report on them in a readable and comprehensible format. Parents can also check when a certain application was launched and terminated.

Regular reports on the activities will keep any parent up to date and aware of some possible threats for their loved one which children are unaware of the software – it works in a stealth mode. The software works on most Microsoft devices as it is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

REFOG Helps Prevent a Multitude of Online Threats

One could argue that monitoring another person is unethical. However, we are talking about minors here, and it is parents’ responsibility to ensure safety of their children.This is particularly true in case of the online security. Malicious content is just within a pressing of a few keys and one mouse click.

By installing a keylogger parents can prevent some potential risks. Among them are adult content, online violence, bullying, stalking, threatening, insult, extortion, stealing of your child’s personal data, sexual exploitation, social exclusion, etc.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Help Identifying Skeletons in Your Teen’s Wardrobe

Parents of teenagers should particularly check up on their kids’ activities as they are most prone to visiting unsafe sites. Another useful thing that a keylogger does is helping you identify your teenager’s circle of friends, possible interpersonal issues and concerns. If your child has a problem and is afraid to turn to you, they might go to Google for a piece of advice.

Unfortunately such delicate issues as the first romance, contraception methods or unwanted pregnancy are rarely brought up to parents at the stage when it is still not too late to act on an issue. By installing a keylogger you can find out about a problem and give your child a timely support.

In case it is your child who cyberbullies younger kids or posts racist comments online, you should get the upper hand and have a serious conversation with your teenager.

We hope that your child stays secure and protected online at any age and you do not have to worry about your dearest one’s online behavior and safety. 🙂

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