New World – A Brand New MMO Coming Up. What To Expect?

On September 28th 2021, New World will release. Originally it was meant to arrive in May 2020, but delays kept that from happening.

The MMO comes from Amazon Games as their most ambitious project to date with a business model that somewhat breaks the mould and a setting that’s a bit more grounded in reality than the typical fantasy and sci-fi MMOs we’re used to.

What Can We Expect – New World


In New World, you’re dropped into the middle of the 17th century, where you must colonize a new land in the Atlantic Ocean named Aeternum Island. Anyone with some historical knowledge will realize that New World draws inspiration heavily from the colonizing of the Americas.

In the game, you can join factions (once at level 10), craft yourself some gear, fight monsters or go about a good old MMO quest. Of course, there’s also a combat system that involves some precision aiming and PvP and PvE at hand.

New World also has a unique way of handling player communities through its territory system. Through the landmass, there are parts owned by Player Companies.

These Companies, composed of up to 50 players, govern territories to a big extent. From making changes to community infrastructure to even setting taxation rates! Territories can even go to war with each other and if you live in a territory you’ll get to pick your side.

As well as territory to claim, you can even obtain your own house for a more authentic colonization feel. Although owning any home will need you to get up to level 20. Four players can be invited there, while the house itself can act as a respawn and fast-travel location.

Although it faces brutal competition from World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14, New World’s slightly more out-of-the-box thinking towards certain aspects of the game helps it stand out. Not only that, but these differences could very well appeal to those who haven’t quite clicked with the current crop of MMOs.

The Basics of Gameplay – New World

When starting out, you’re given the choice of three sides to choose from. There’s the Marauders, the Syndicate and the Covenant. You also create your character from the ground up with no actual class system, which is another way New World distinguishes itself from other MMOs.

Instead, your character is more defined by the gear on them, the playstyle being utilized and the progression systems. These systems include Weapon Masteries, where each weapon has a skill tree to follow and subsequently upgrade. You’re also able to change out weapons as you go.

For combat, the developers used Dark Souls for some inspiration. Unlike the usual MMO, actual contact on a foe is needed to produce damage and though there’s abilities to use and cooldowns to be wary of, fighting is very different to something like World of Warcraft.  Weapons are also satisfyingly varied, ranging from your usual swords to muskets, hatchets and hammers.

You can really test out this combat on a colossal scale in the PvP mode known as War. In this mode, two territories of rival factions go to war. This occurs when one Company wishes to take the land owned by another.

Both Companies will then draft 50 players and decide on a time to commence battle.  During the War, the battlefield will make sure only those confirmed to fight are present.

Regular open-world PvP combat is available with players having to option to display themselves as open to PvP battling. Be aware though that in order to opt-in this way you must join a faction, which requires reaching level 10 as mentioned earlier.

As for PvE, raids aren’t quite on the menu. At least not yet, but in the meantime, you can enjoy dungeons, world bosses and quests amongst other activities.

Player Base – New World

Amazon says you’ll be able to share the world of Aeternum with up to 1000 players, so you won’t be feeling too lonely. The beta that closed recently almost made it to 200,000 concurrent players, so there’s evidence to say you’ll be meeting plenty of new faces.

New MMOs always get a lot of attention on release, so if you’re planning on playing during that period, a burgeoning community is to be expected.

Story Premise – New World

You start out exploring the mysteries of Aeternum, which is home to a magic mineral known as Azoth. This mineral can be both helpful and harmful to those using it, but that’s not all.

There are monsters lurking, ruins of a lost civilization to visit and a terrible power called “The Corruption” that plagues the island.  In your quest to colonize, New World ensures it will be an intense and challenging trial.

Payment – New World

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games or “MMOs” to keep it brief are enormous creative endeavours.  Because they keep adding expansions over time, continued funds are needed and so you’ll almost any MMO having a monthly cost as well as paying to play the game in the first place.

This business model has always left people feeling conflicted, but with New World, the financial burden has been greatly eased. Instead, you only pay retail price and that’s it.

It’s a very good strategy on Amazon Games part as the MMO market is very competitive and to have any chance of entering it successfully a developer needs to offer some welcoming incentives to play. There is an in-game store though, but it’s more for cosmetics than anything else.

Boosting Services

New World hasn’t been released yet, but when it does, you could wind up playing it and discover the difficulty might prove too challenging at times. When the game is out, however, keep an eye out for New World boosting services.

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